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India vs Bangladesh: U-19 WC 2020: Bangladesh defated India by 3 wickets | oneindia hindi



India vs Bangladesh


India vs Bangladesh: 2020 Bangladesh has become the world champion for the first time. Another big thing I would like to tell you is that Bangladesh has become the World Champion and India’s dream of becoming the World Champion and the fifth has been broken. It could not be made now. In the final match with India and Bangladesh, the team has named khitab for the first time under 19. This week has gone through a lot of difficulty for the Indian team. Because that was a dream. He has now broken down completely to win the title. In the final match. India team has suffered defeat.

India vs Bangladesh | A total of 177 runs were scored in India. 


  • This is the second chance for the Indian team after 2016. Defeated.
  • India had total out in total 177.
  • Akbar Ali showed amazing passion within himself.
  • Akbar Ali made 77 balls. Faced. 4 fours and 1 six. And scored 43 runs.
  • India’s dream of winning the title for the 5th time was defeated.



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