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[Latest] Akash Ambani Lifestyle| Biography of Marriage Life -2019



[Latest] Akash Ambani Lifestyle| Biography of Marriage Life -2019 1 [Latest] Akash Ambani Lifestyle| Biography of Marriage Life -2019

Today we are going to talk about Akash Ambani, today we will tell you that Akash Ambani, who is the son of eminent business man Mukesh Ambani, and today will talk about how Akash Ambani lifestyle is and how his marrige life is going on. Read this post in its entirety.

Introduction of Akash Ambani

Akash Ambani is the son of a big businessman Mukesh Ambani, born in Maharashtra, India on 28 Oct 1991 and also has a twin sister, Dhiru Bhai Ambani is of international school after which he moved to America for higher education and Brown of America He has done his higher education from university, after completing his studies in America, he came back to India and started his business by staying with his family, Akash Amban Shree is from a princely family

Talking about its father, you must have known that his father Mukesh Ambani and his mother’s name is Anita Ambani and his mother also helps in her husband’s business, Akash Ambani has two brothers and a sister named Anita Ambani and younger. Brother’s name is Anant Ambani, who is 4 years younger than Akash Ambani in age. His grandfather’s name is Dhiru Ambani and his grandmother’s name is Kokila bin Ambani and apart from that one of his uncles Minister has named Anil Ambani


story of love life

When Akash was 26 years old, he got engaged, which is his childhood girlfriend Shloka Mehta, who is also the daughter of a rich father, both of them have studied together, both of whom have done higher education from abroad. When both of them finished their studies, both of them came back to Mumbai, after which both of them started helping their family in business, then after the year, both of them decided to do simple and its family and its The family also gave a yes for the wedding of the two, after which both of them got engaged in Goa State after which in March  of 2018, after a few days of engagement, Together blessed both the Siddhi Vinayak Temple Jake God He also had an engagement party and enjoyed the party together with his relatives and friends. During the innings, there were many actors and actresses who were like Akash Amb Ni was also happy engagement

After this, both of them got married in the last month of December 10, after which its life was filled with happiness.

Akash ambani wedding with shaloka mehta richest person of india

Property of Akash Ambani

I tell you that Mukesh Ambani does not have any right over the property that he has, but also his and sister’s right, I tell you that when Akash Ambani returned to India after finishing his studies, this was his idea that to launch sim of jio but before joining his father’s business started working as intern during which he shared many ideas in his company

Akash Ambani joined Reliance Director in the year 2014, after his studies, he started watching the work of jio company in 2014.

Step 1

His father says that he had given the idea to bring the jio company, he started this company with 60 people and it is said that his sister is also involved in running the jio company and they both got together a lot Big company was started

Jio company was started in the year 2015, I tell you that Jio works to provide 4g service in India and this company has become successful very soon.

Step 2


His favourite game is Foot Ball, which is very intresting  game for Akash Ambani, who he has been playing since childhood and when talking about his weight, he was very fat, which used to be very troubled by obesity, now Akash Ambani’s weight 70 kg which now makes it feel much lighter


Akash Ambani has a lot of interest in football along with his interest in foot ball. It is said that this was also a purchase of Sunil’s bag, the bag in which the 1981 World Football played.


Akash Ambani is a year younger to Shloka Mehta, who was born in 1990, that Akash Ambani was born in 1991.

Step 3

But ignored his age and started his love affair and then he too was married to her like his parents with great pomp and his life is now going through very happy.

Friends, I hope you have liked the introduction of Akash Ambani’s life, if you have any information related from Akash Ambani, then you must tell me in the comment box, if you liked my post, please your friends. And share it with the family so that they also get to know something about Akash Ambani, then I would like to tell you this much in this post, so let’s meet you in the next post Thank you very much

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