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Paheli top 5 that spin your mind – 2019



[Best] Top 5 Paheli that spin your mind – 2019

Hello friends, today we will talk about paheli, today we will tell you about 5 very effective paheli, see how fast your mind is, so let’s go on the side of the puzzle. Use your mind only then watch the video


Friends, you have to see this picture and tell that 5 =? The answer to what will happen is given in the video 

[Best] Top 5 Paheli that spin your mind - 2019

  • Now let’s go to paheli  2


Now let us go towards the second picture and tell you here? What will happen in my friends, for this you do all the things, if you have an answer, then give us your answer in the comment, now 

  • let’s see the next Paheli


This Puzzle is very funny, you have to answer it properly, I will tell you in advance that the answer is not 6, so now you think away from it and send us your answer in the comment box.

So you see the picture and answer that what will be the answer to this if you get the answer then we should definitely talk in the comment

  • So now let’s go to the next Puzzle


so let’s look at this puzzle and understand which one is Missing  Number in this picture, this question is very simple, you must definitely answer this in our comments, friends, remember, I gave you only 10 seconds on each question. If you find the answer in 10 seconds, then you must give me the answer in the comment 

So let's go to the last question

  • So let’s go to the last question

NO 5

Friends, this question can be a bit difficult, so let’s see what is the question in this picture, friends, you just have to add one line and make it equal to 555, so think what line you have to say and friends, you must comment us.

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Top 5 Paheli that spin your mind

If you have any puzzle, then you must ask me by commenting, I will definitely try to answer your question.With this, friends, we will meet you on the next topic, friends, if you like this puzzle, then you must share it with your friends.

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