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Ram Rahim: 6 secrets things you will not know – [Update News]



Ram Rahim with Hanipreet singh 6 secrets things you will not know - [Update News]

Every day new revelations are being made about the rapist Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim. It is learned about Baba’s cave that some of its special doors were opened with the fingerprint of Honeypreet. The treasure of Honeypreet Dera was absconded on August 28 by the same doors. With the name of the cave, no one will think that it will be a small place but Gurmeet’s cave is no less than a villa. It was spread over 14 acres. It has facilities like a five-star hotel on the inside. Within it are things like a bungalow of a movie star, ranging from swimming pools to theatres and restaurants. Baba used to take a bath with the girls in the swimming pool. These things have been told by Bhupendra Singh, a relative of  Ram Rahim. There were business deals in the cave

Ram Rahim and his son together carried out this obscene incident (the second secret of a cave)

Bhupendra Singh said that his maternal uncle’s daughter is married to Deramukhi Gurmeet’s son. In such a situation, he got the opportunity to go to the cave many times, not everyone is allowed to go to this cave. He told that it also has a polo ground and a guest house. Here guests of Deramukhi from abroad used to stay and Deramukhi used to do business deals with them. The basement of this cave, which very few people were allowed to visit, was guarded by the Sadhvis. The doors of  Ram Rahim. cave was opened and everyone’s eyes were astonished seeing the inside. Read the 7 Secrets of Dera Sacha Sauda, which opened on the first day of the search. The cave is also luxurious than a ten-star hotel

honeypreet husband of ram rahim singh

Knowing this act of Ram Rahim, you will be stunned (Third secret and secret thing)

It was being claimed that Baba’s cave was no less than a seven-star hotel, but when the doors of the cave opened, the inside view, building and facilities were also luxurious from the ten-star hotel. Forensic experts are thoroughly investigating everything inside the cave. The entire video graph is being conducted in the dera where the search was done. For this, 65 videographers have been called by the administration. Two cubs of deer, peacock and tiger found

Court Commissioner Anil Kumar Singh Panwar with security hair reached the gate of  Ram Rahim’s cave on Friday afternoon. A team of forensic experts called from Roorkee was present with him. As soon as the cave gate opened, everyone’s eyes were torn. Dozens of deer, national bird peacock, two garden cubs were found in the cave complex. According to administrative sources, the forest department team will take the deer, peacock and orchard cubs to Panchkula. Two minors and two young men met

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On Friday, the court commissioner divided the dera into 10 zones to search for the Dera Sacha Sauda. Under this, during a search of one zone, officers found some suspicious things in two rooms, due to which both the rooms were sealed. Two minors and two adults were found from the rooms. The minors were handed over to the child protection department team, while the adult youth was taken under the supervision of the administration. Dera also got her own plastic currency

Ram Rahim used to deal illegally with foreigners (Fourth Secret)

During the search operation, millions of plastic tokens were found from a room inside the dera. This Dera Sacha Sauda has its own private currency. Every type of dera used to deal with this currency. Tokens ranging from one rupee to a thousand rupees were made on behalf of the dera. Whoever comes to the dera will have to deposit the Indian currency in the counter, after which they will be given tokens of the Dera currency. According to sources, the cost of search tokens is around Rs 15 lakh in Indian currency. Obi van without number was found.

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No OB van found inside Dera Sacha Sauda. Dera management says that through this OB van, Ram Rahim used to run his Satsang life, while no one had the right to own an OB van without the permission of the Ministry of Home Affairs. According to Intelligence Agency sources, illegally possessing OB vans in the dera has become a matter of direct national security. It may be that the Dera chief talks lively with such people sitting abroad who are threats to national security. Therefore, it is being taken seriously. There will be a high-level investigation and Ram Rahim’s will also be questioned. The luxury car without number was found

 Ram Rahim’s personal life black money and black money (Fifth rule)

The search team also received a numberless luxury car from the camp. The name of the vehicle is being described as Lexus. A walkie-talkie set is found from a room. Computers, hard disks have been found in the media wing rooms. Court Commissioner Panwar has given strict instructions to all that in any case the photos and videos inside the cave of the Dera chief should not be made public outside. The chip of photos and videos are being sealed inside the dera itself. 3000 pairs of expensive designer clothes found

When the team, which was investigating the Dera Sacha Sauda, reached Baba’s cave, it found 1500 pairs of shoes and 3000 pairs of expensive designer clothes. It is being told that  Ram Rahim had a luxurious bed inside the cave. Luxurious bathrooms, dressing rooms, makeup accessories, expensive rings were also found. At the same time, the room of  Ram Rahim alleged daughter Honeypreet was also found. Many luxury items were found there

To increase sex stamina, used to eat sex pills, and herbs (sixth secret)

At the age of 50, Ram Rahim has a lot of discussions, he used to wear colourful clothes and was also colourful from the heart. The infidel Baba used to take powerful medicines to increase his strength. Asaram is also used to take strength boosting medicines. It has been revealed that Ram Rahim is also used to take powerful medicines.

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