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Apetamin: Uses, Benefit And Side Effect -200ml [Full Guide]



Today we will talk about some such unique medicine, which is named Apetamin. This medicine is very famous now in gaining weight, so today I will tell you what apetamin is and how to use it and with this we will talk if If you are already using apetamin medicine then what is its Benefit and side-effects and is this medicine Legal or illegal and should you use this medicine or not, does the doctor advise this medicine for the
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What is apetamin

If I say in simple language, then this medicine is used to increase one’s appetite. It is in the form of an Apetamin syrup and Tablet, which is used to make the body. This medicine can be given to you very easily in the market or online. If you can get it from the united state then it may be a bit difficult to get this syrup on the website, yet on many websites you will get this medicine, this syrup does not have much value, you will get the only 200ml of the bottle in 120. If I talk about its manufacture, then the manufacturing of this product is done by a Tablet Indian Limited Healthcare Company, which is an Indian company, the special thing is that very few people use it in India or can say that the Indian logo Doesn’t know that much yet

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Benefit of Apetamin Syrup

 If you use or want to use this syrup, then let me tell you that this Syrup helps to increase your appetite because Cyproheptadine is found in it contains 2mg / 5ml cyproheptadine meaning if you 5ml If you use this syrup, then 2mg cyproheptadine will go in your body, people who are already using it, they will probably know how it works for appetite Stimulation which company and medical science promotes this thing Appetite Stimulation work is not to increase your appetite nor to promote weight gain or to make you healthy.


It works like anti-Energy. This means that if the problem of allergies in your body is constant, then the doctor also recommends using it as it removes the Histamine Blocker inside your body. It does not cause itching in your body, you can use this syrup 2 to 7 weeks. Many people use it to get fat which is not good if you use apetamin syrup to get fat. Do not give the band to use for this type today so it really Surrey side effects may also get to see

full details about apetamin

Side effect Of Apetamin Syrup

Now let’s talk about its Side Effect, friends, the side effect is something like this, if your head looks flaky or it may be or your stomach starts getting gas, you may start looking bigger or you may vomit. May also


The biggest side effect of this is that if you sleep more than you need, then in such a condition you do not have to drive the bike or else.


After this you may have friends, there may be a heaviness in your throat and nose or you may also have phlegm.

Many people have the illusion that the side effect of this apatamin is low in weight gain because it is increasing our weight, then those people continue to use this medicine for 2 months 4 months whereas people use this thing plus understands the point when it is not


It is also a speciality, if you use apetamin syrup or Tablet continuously for 6 to 12 months then it reduces your natural enzyme power, that is, if you used to eat 4 roti daily, you can be there. Eat 6 roti, what happens to it, the day you stop taking this medicine, it will reduce your appetite from the same day. Why do I tell you this? When you were not taking medicine, you did not feel so hungry, but as soon as you started taking medicine, the vitamin appetite Stimulation found in medicine which helps you to increase appetite and As soon as you stop using this medicine, it also destroys the natural power, which makes you feel hungry.


Friends, I believe that if you do not use this kind of medicine, then I have no reason why this medicine is hollow inside you, so if you do not use such medicine, then it is good.

I hope you like this post of mine, so if you have a question, then you must comment and I will definitely try to answer your question.

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