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Dead Tooth: Symptoms, Cause, Treatment & Dental – [Full Guide]



Dead Tooth Treatment & cause,for men
 Why and what causes dead teeth If any of your teeth change colour due to any reason, and the teeth look like rotten or black in appearance, then you understand that your tooth is dead. It is common for anyone to have a tooth to die, our tooth is dead when there is no blood flow in the tooth or due to decay of the tooth or due to collision with the tooth. Teeth can become dead due to going etc. Today we will talk about whether it is possible to treat a dead tooth, how much it costs to treat a dead tooth, how to treat a dead tooth, we will know all these things, let’s start.
What is a dead tooth?

There are three layers in our teeth, which we mention as follows

  • Enamel
  • Dentin
  • Pulp


There are nerves and vessels in our tooth pulp, when our teeth do not work, then they have all the nerves and vessels are completely dead, due to which blood flow in all the veins of our teeth Can not be done, and dead blood accumulates in all the veins of the tooth, which can lead to death of your teeth, that is, due to dead blood in the veins, you will also get a disease like pyorrhea. Might be possible. If not treated at the right time, the teeth will come out automatically and this will infect all your teeth or cause more pain than possible. Which can prove to be dangerous and harmful for you, once the tooth becomes infected Due to this, your jaw and other teeth can also become dead ie all the teeth can be affected by weak or infected.

 Constant pain in the jaws and gums, tingling in the teeth, teeth and teeth colliding with each other, cut dead blood in the gums. Change of colour is the symptom of death teeth, which you can read in detail, that is why you should see the teeth from time to time and consult the teeth by medical, teeth from time to time. It should be cleaned so that your teeth will always shine. It is not always easy to identify a dead tooth by looking at it. Only one of the dentists will be able to diagnose it, which is why you should contact the dentist regularly.


That is why, there are two main symptoms of dead teeth, which can help in self-diagnosis:

  1.  Pain
  2. Changes in colour.

Due to death, why do pain arise in him?

A tooth that is completely dead or dying can cause a different level of toothache, almost toothache than expected and can prove to be extremely painful for you. Dead blood or a dying nerve or infection usually causes an increase in toothache.


Some people also wonder why they experience pain if the nerve dies. However, the pain does not come from inside the tooth but from the highly sensitive nervous system around the outside of the tooth, called the periodontal membrane.


Bacteria and dead nerve residues, or pus, are dead blood or pus inside the tooth, causing you to stress the periodontal membrane in teeth, which can cause a tingling pain in your teeth.


If an infection has occurred in your teeth, it causes more pain in your gums, causing the dead pus to form an abscess, which can cause your gums to become infected due to the formation of a dead blood clot and change the colour of the teeth and may cause other symptoms, including:


  1. Poor taste
  2. Bad smell
  3. swelling
  4. Gout-like blisters on the gums.

Why does the colour of teeth change?

If the tooth has died, the tooth will become darker in colour, and a person’s teeth may appear yellow, brown, or black like teeth.

A change in colour usually occurs because red blood cells start dying for some reason. Can also be caused by the impact of tooth injury.

Due to

There are only two main reasons for a dead tooth: tooth decay and tooth trauma.

Why does tooth decay occur?

Due to tooth decay, diseases like dead blood and pus on the outermost layer of teeth begin in teeth, such diseases start only due to non-continuous cleaning of teeth, but over time it causes cavities. Can be formed which penetrate into deeper layers.


If these rot-like diseases are completely caught in the teeth or gums, then the sound can be raised and, they can eventually reach the teeth problem and create a pathway for bacteria to enter the teeth and the nerve. Can cause to die.

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For healthy bacteria, and an inflammatory reaction will try and can fight infection, but white blood cells can only stop it for so long.


The pressure inside the gums will increase, cutting the blood supply, starving the nerve, and killing all the cell systems that come into contact with it. This can cause severe pain.

Dental trauma (dangerous pain)

If there is physical trauma to the tooth, such as a sports injury or a fall, blood vessels may rupture, or the blood supply to the tooth may be cut off.



After all, if there is no blood flow to the tooth, then the nerve and other living tissue inside those teeth will all die.

What is the initial treatment is important to cure a dead tooth.

Even if a person does not feel a toothache at first, if they suspect that they have a dead tooth, they should seek medical advice as it can be extremely painful.

An X-ray will often help a dentist diagnose a dead tooth.

There are two treatment options for dead teeth.

Tooth removal or dental treatment

Root canal

Dentists avoid removing teeth if possible, so you can recommend a root canal first.


Also known as endodontics root canal treatment aims to clean all infections from the teeth and root. All the teeth area is cleaned until all the tooth infection is eliminated from the root.


* Root canal treatment is a long process, and by this treatment of a person, tuberculosis caused in the teeth can be cured again.


Once the infection is cleared, the dentist permanently fills the tooth

. A dead tooth may still be able to freeze food completely after treatment, as most of the tooth is still intact.


However, as dead teeth become more brittle, some people may need to fit a dental cap, which will provide additional support and strength to the teeth.

Prevention of tooth decay

The Oral Health Foundation allows people to follow the advice of doctors.

Brush teeth with fluoride-containing toothpaste before bedtime to people with dental caries and at least once a day, as well as between the teeth with floss or interdental brush at least once a day

Avoid eating and drinking sweets

Go to the doctor for regular dental check-ups and also-


Be sure to use fluoride toothpaste, dental floss and interdental brush and mouth wash to protect you from any dental problems. If you use this type of routine, your teeth will never die and your gums and jaw will always be healthy.

death tooth treatment for Doctor Death Tooth

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