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How To Do correctly Masterbation | advantage Or Disadvantage [Full Guide] step by Step



How To Do correctly  Masterbation | advantage Or Disadvantage [Full Guide] step by Step 1 How To Do correctly  Masterbation | advantage Or Disadvantage [Full Guide] step by Step

How To Do  Masturbation correctly | advantage Or Disadvantage [Full Guide] step by Step 

Mastarbation is such a bad addiction that if someone feels it, then masterbation is not done without going, then friends, today we have to talk about masterbation, what is the good way to do it as well as we talk We will read how we can avoid people from masterbation, this is a topic that keeps every young person in mind and keeps looking for a lot of ways to avoid it. You should read this post carefully.

What is masterbation

Many people have a misconception about masterbationMasterbation means masturbation is done by hand. Friends, this is a normal process and almost everybody does it before marriage and should do it. It is not wrong, but many times you must have heard in the book that masturbation is wrong, this habit is not good, semen is removed in it, it is not good to destroy semen. Ln should have written a lot But this sari is not Fact Right Way For masterbation


A lot of people who common mistakes while doing Masturbation, most of the people went to the bathroom and shook hands in 1 minute, which is a very wrong way, friends, I told you all the above that Masturbation is not wrong but it is also There is Rule Regulation to be done, which I will tell you today.


Whenever you are doing masturbation, you have to keep your pump in one hand and an ice cube in the other hand, now you must be wondering what are the dramas of IceCube, then I can tell you that when IceCube touch on your penis. If it gets cold, in the same way, you send brain cooling information when your imagination is going out, then you feel very relaxed at that time and your brain also does not get heat.


Whenever your Imagination is about to come out, then at that time you remove your hand from the penis and you have to think that you are not doing masterbation as often as you would do 2 times 3 or times and after that when your imagination comes out. Then you will enjoy it.

You take a clean towel and soak the towel with warm water and squeeze the towel so that there is no shortage of water in it and keep that towel in your hands and hold your penis and shake it, you will feel like you are doing with it. Huh.


You have to take polythene and you have to take a little boro plus cream or any cream in it and you have to put it in your penis, after that, you have to move your hand lightly, you will feel like you are doing it seven times.


When you wish to do masturbation, you should try at night because there is no disturbed person at night and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Advantage / Disadvantage of Masturbation

Masturbation, right or wrong, is a big question in itself, so today I will tell you


Firstly, it reduces mental stress or sexual tension so that your mind does not think about sex for a few days.

It helps you understand your desire and your needs.

It does not bother you to study so that you study wholeheartedly.


If masturbation has its benefits, then it also has its disadvantages. In most of the world, there is a loss of range.

If you do masterbation 2 or 3 times in a day, leave it today because you are challenging a very big disease called AIDS, with this disease, you will hollow your body from inside and your Many simple diseases will arise inside of which you can die within 2 to 5 years.


If you want to be healthy, then you should have sex or masturbation 2 or 3 times a week.


If you are married and you still have the habit of masturbation, then you should not give up otherwise your marriage can become a wall in life, which will make you regret all your life.

How to Do avoid masturbation?

If you want to avoid rye, the best thing is that you have left alone. Friends, it is a very scientific scientist if you live with a good friend, eat with a friend, get up and sleep. You will never think of bad things.

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If you are not exercising, you start exercising. What happens when we exercise, then our blood increases, due to which the mind of our body goes away and we feel the freshness.


Spend your time with positive people, friends, if you live with positive people, you can get rid of it very soon because when you live with positive people, always listen to the answer and like our mind Listen. Or sees the same response


Put dirty movies or photos on your phone or laptop or stop watching porn videos online and now remove any dirty pictures or photos from your phone or laptop.


Stop being with bad friends or talking dirty with bad people, stop being with such friends today.


Swear off


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Today’s bass is so much that I hope you will like my post if you like this post, then you must share it with your friends, do you know that they are also battling this deadly disease and If your friend has no solution left, then you share this post with such friends


Thank you!   

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