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Jeera: 2019 Fitness Body & Weight Loss – How to Use? [Full Guide]



Jeera No1 Ayurvedic How to Use? [Full Guide]

Experienced in the special science field, Dr Gautam Bisht, while stating that the basic principle of our Ayurveda medicine, we must first know – the principle is when a person is ill and when a person is healthy to Let’s start. Jeera

If we know about Gautam Bisht, he believes that – We read ill when our Vata, Bile and Phlegm are not particularly right

Are unusual. But we stay healthy when our Vata, Bile and Phlegm are correct, and the identity of a healthy person is

Man causes disease

1. Due to the imbalance of wind, there are 80 diseases, that is, if your data is not right, you will continue to fall ill even as you may have asthma Jeera.


2. Due to the imbalance of bile, our body suffers 40 diseases, which are related to many types of lungs and stomach. Chances of getting diseases increase


3. Due to the accumulation of phlegm, Jeera in the human body, there are about 28 problem-causing diseases: -Where in a word, all the problems occur from the chest to the upper end of the brain, all the problems are due to phlegm, like problem disease.


 In the science field, the least number of diseases are from Phlegm and most of the diseases are from Vata and Bile because Ayurveda believes that most of the diseases are caused by Vata, in the language of science, the origin of disease goes through our stomach. , The person whose stomach will not be clean, the person will always suffer from diseases in a gradual order.

Let us know, special diseases of phlegm with which millions of people suffer

1. Obesity increases (belly).


2. Weight gain is the worst disease of phlegm Jeera.


3. Having thyroid problems is the biggest phlegm problem.


4. Cold, cold and cough is the biggest problem of phlegm.


5. Soak mucus and mucus with phlegm.


6. Cataract in the eye.


7. Not always hearing by ear is also a phlegm problem


8. Always run through the nose.


9. Water in your ears.


10. Eye redness, dark circles near the eyes – also phlegm problem, Jeera.


11. Acne in the face, change in the skin colour of the face – this is also a problem of phlegm.


The main problem In the human body, more than 100 types of root problems that occur due to the imbalance of Vata Bile and phlegm, the human body always suffers from many types of diseases if you want these diseases. You will have to adopt some formula of Jeera,


1. You should not drink water immediately after eating food, otherwise, a problem like phlegm can occur.

Why should not drink water after eating food? Let us know

After eating food, all the food gets collected in the stomach, there is a place in our stomach called Jathar when the food comes to the stomach, the digestion process starts automatically, this action is done from us. Agni says, it is such that when the food is heating (digestion) near the stomach gland in the stomach, then we drink water or cold water at the same time due to which the food digested by gastric juice, now that To work Makes the tax returns, which closed Pcna due to food and he would start collecting Sdhna food the stomach, is which may cause 103 types of diseases.

2. Whenever we should drink water, we should sit and drink water and as we drink tea or hot milk, we should also drink water after taking it as it does not cause a sore throat and any kind of phlegm problem. It does not happen, and diseases like Vata, Bile also disappear Jeera

Cause: – Ayurveda science says that water should be taken with a drink like a glass of water, a sip of water, drink water, then stop, then drink again. Ayurveda science says that drinking water from this benefits the human body. As you know, saliva is formed in the mouth and saliva helps in digesting food. Secondly, saliva goes into our body by calming stomach acid i.e. acid. Keeps, the acid that is in the stomach is not acid, which we call acidic and the saliva in the mouth is alkaline. The saliva of the mouth is alkaline, it is alkali and the acid in the stomach is a kind of acid when both meet, it becomes neutral after mixing. The acid should remain calm, so Ayurvedic says that we should drink water while choking or we should drink water after taking chunk Jeera

Research on Jeera Medical science.

Ayurveda science says that whose stomach acid, or acid, is calm, he does not suffer from any type of disease quickly because all the diseases that occur in the world are due to the stomach only, so we people have stomach acidity The quantity should be kept calm – for this, you should eat good food, drink water on time, if possible, you should consume fruit egg and milk and all The biggest thing is that to keep the body fit, exercise should be done in the morning in the morning, it keeps the mind healthy and does not suffer from any disease quickly.

Due to the increased amount of acid in the body,

Many diseases also occur. They also know about it – 1. Cancer is caused due to the excess amount of acid in the body.


  2. Diabetes does not occur due to an increased amount of acid in the body.


  3. Blood pressure is caused by an increase in the amount of acid in the body, which can cause a brain haemorrhage. Because of which life can also be lost


             If this is not the case, then you should wake up in the morning and drink a glass of water so that the body remains completely healthy and you should drink water choking so that saliva goes into your body and neutralizes the amount of acid if you do. Will never fall ill in future.

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