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[Best] Penis Massage Stretching: Excercise Real Fact – Step by Step



[Best] Penis Massage Stretching: Excercise Real Fact - Step by Step 1 [Best] Penis Massage Stretching: Excercise Real Fact - Step by Step

[Best] Penis Massage Stretching: Excercise Real Fact about this

Nowadays, the biggest problem is about penis massage. Everyone in the world wants to know what the size of a normal penis massage should be Many men feel that the size of their penis is very small and how to increase the size of their penis. Today we will talk about taking Topic if you want to increase the size of the penis, what will be the best tips for you and with this, I will tell you about its real fact and research-based facts, so let’s talk about it. Come on, let’s move on to Friends Topic

What is Penis Massage

panis massage if I tell you about it, in simple language it is done with one hand. When you massage your penis with your hand, this is called penis massage.

According to research

Today we will tell you that on the basis of some studies and research fact that will solve your problem and if there is any kind of confusion in your mind, then that too will be removed. Only 55% has been found in a survey Men are satisfied with their gender, while according to the survey, 85% of women are happy with their life partner. Only 4% of women feel that their life partner’s penis is small.

The penis is big and small depending on which country it belongs to. In different countries the size of the penis of a man is also different, the size of the penis is the largest in African countries, while the size of the penis in Asia Is the smallest|Penis massage



What is the correct size of the penis

Let me tell you about the size of the penis, the size of the penis is measured in two ways, first, when the penis is in the position of the penis and second, in the case of the stress of the penis, the average length of the penis is 7 to 10 cm It is from 2.8 to 3.9 inches while its circumference is 9 to 10 centimetres ie it can be from 3.5 to 3.09 inches whereas in stress conditions the length of the penis is 12 to 16 centimetres i.e. 4.7 to 6.3 inc. A study was conducted on men with a circumference of 12 cm to 4cm to 6.67cm.Penis Massage


In which this man is complaining about his penis size that his penis size is much smaller than the normal penis size and is thinking of getting surgery to increase it when these people found out after testing that their penis size Size was not less than normal. Most people do not know that the size of the penis is also a condition which is called micropenis. Then less than 2.76 inches


After the discovery, it is revealed that 0.6% of men suffer from this problem.| Penis Massage


*The first one which is the main reason is lack of pituitary growth hormone or it can be lack of gonadotropin.


*Androgen insensitivity


*Androgen insensitivity


*Many genetics syndromes or change of homeobox genes or treatment of growth hormone or testosterone has done in childhood can also be the reason for this.

Step 1

  In the US, a survey was conducted a few days ago, which showed that for men, women enjoy more than their penis length than their penis and this is why they get more pleasure during sexual intercourse according to the research of Asian scientist the penis size is related to the strong hand of man

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Step 2

    Penis size is related to men’s straight hands, according to the second and fourth fingers, penis size in the loose and erect condition can be found whereas index and ring finger indicating whether the length of penis is more and less penis size is related to men’s Height shows, then let me tell you the real fact that this is not true, the largest penis size record so far is 5.5 inches in loose condition which is of a 5 feet 7 inch height man. While the smallest size recorded is 2.25 inch which is of a man with a height of 5ft 11 inches Some men measure the size of the penis according to the size of their foot when it is wrong. Penis has no relation to the size of the foot but there are two reasons why the size of the penis can be ascertained or Can then be measured | Penis massage

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Step 3

    The first is how much your body is fat, and the second is that due to the increased age on the size of the penis, your penis appears smaller due to which you feel that the size of our penis is less but there is nothing like it and growing With age, the size of your penis decreases, so that if you think my penis size is small then I am telling you a very good exercise whose The name is Jelquing Exercise You can do this exercise only for 1 hour in the morning and evening or you can do it in the morning, I can tell you that if you do this exercise correctly for a few months, then your penis size is very Will see a lot of change. Penis massage

Step 5

   I think you have got a lot of information about penis size that your penis size is normal, then it is less than normal and a lot of confusion in your mind will probably be over if your penis size is over. If it is normal, there is no need to worry, if your penis size is very low then you can show it to a doctor, but let me tell you before going to the doctor, you Ask course once Life Partner is satisfied with your penis in size or not, if not satisfied, go to the course doctor and the bigger your penis size in accordance with the best advice. Penis massage

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