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[Research] Jeera:100g Use, Benefits & Side effect Step By Step



[Research] Jeera:100g Use, Benefits & Side effect Step By Step 1 [Research] Jeera:100g Use, Benefits & Side effect Step By Step

Do you know about the benefits of cumin, if you do not know, then you must read this post completely because today what I am going to tell you with people, you will be very surprised by reading it and you will know about cumin I cannot even think. There can be so many benefits, if you are not using cumin then from today you will start using cumin, friends, you read this post completely because if you complete this post if you study If you do, maybe you can remember a lot about the benefits of cumin, which is very harmful to your health, like you guys would know about some of the benefits of cumin, but I think your Some talk about the advantages that will know you by surprise and will help make the food. Why should we use cumin seeds?

Benefits of Jeera(Cumin)

First of all, the use of cumin seeds is very beneficial in controlling our bile, you will know about pitta, so you all must understand the disease of bile. Such as gas in the stomach, vomiting, stomach irritation, sour belching, not digesting food properly, vomiting, nausea, it is a disease of all bile, if your bile gets bad then all these diseases can happen in your body. The best medicine for gall diseases is cumin, which is called cumin, you mix a little cumin in a glass of water and heat it, then let it cool down after filtering. 

We is taken as a tea Jeera water to drink and eat chewing Jeera | All the above diseases I have told you about will keep you away from all these diseases. So that this disease can not go astray with you, the gas production will stop. What you used to feel sour, will stop what you used to eat which was not digested. Your hunger will increase so that you will eat more food.


 All this disease is caused by bile. If someone tells you that my bile has deteriorated, you can tell them that you start using Jeera daily, cumin is very good. For health, friends, if you have acidity, then you can eat raw cumin by chewing a little bit so that your acidity will get relief immediately if you do not sleep. Take a ripe banana. You bananas you thoroughly exhausted by eating whole little cumin to do it for two or three weeks, you will be very soon complained of insomnia quickly and bring you a nice little sleep

Remove the biggest disease.

Friends cumin contains antiseptic elements so that it completely kills the frozen phlegm in the chest. Friends, this is the biggest disease that is a heart attack. It gives relief from heart attack very soon, so we talked about some of the Jeera seeds, let us now know about some of its losses so that you can understand better who should eat it and who does not want to eat it. E

Some are also aware of the loss of Jeera

  • If something in the world has the most benefits, then there is definitely some disadvantage to it, then, friends, today we also know about some of the disadvantages of miraculous medicine so that you will know that it is used in the right way. Let’s talk about who should use this miraculous medicine and who should not.
  •  Firstly, breastfeeding women should not use 
  •  If someone has diabetes, he should not use too much Jeera because excessive use of Jeera can cause more blood in women during periods, which can have a great effect on her health and she also has anaemia. Like I told you above, if you heat a little Jeera in a glass of water and drink it like tea till it cools down, you will get a lot of diseases. It becomes like, friends, I told you in advance that if you are not using cumin while cooking, then start using today because the quantity of cumin added in the food is in the limit And we tell you a lot in our body that

If Jeera is found to be the highest source of vitamin A, then the medicine I have told you about, you can stay away from all these diseases by using the medicine kept in the house, then friends, you must have come to know If you like this post about the advantages and some disadvantages of Jeera, if you want your family, your friends, your relatives to be healthy and give them district If you do not know anything about it, then you can share this post with your friend family, if you have any suggestion, then you must tell us in the comment box if you know about some extra cumin seeds or its benefits. Then if you know about its loss, then you must send it to us by writing a comment so that I too can know, I hope that you guys will like this post.

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