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Bhojpuri Actress Kalpana Shah is working on this film with Rahul Rai



Rahul Rai: 2020 I am going to tell you a very good news, Aashiqui is going to shoot for Rahul Roy’s new film, which you must have seen which was released in 1989 and it was a very super duper hit but now the generation Accordingly, the same kind of films will be made that people like today because the times have changed and people have also changed, no one wants to watch old movies anymore and in the old model No one wants to see this film, that’s why this film is being made, this film will be very good. Aashiqui’s success worked in a lot of films in Bal Sanjay and he has also got success. You must watch this video for more information.

Rahul Rai: 2020 

  • The name of this film is unique and its shooting has started from Patna.
  • This film is being directed by Sanjay Ravi who is a well-known director.
  • The story of this film is based on a woman. How a woman spends her life with a plain married man has been completely based in this film.

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