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Tamil Movies Free Download: 2020 Tamil all New Movies Download & Watch



Tamil Movies Free Download: 2020 Today I will tell you about ten such Tamil movies that you will definitely want to watch and with them, I will tell you how to download all your movies and I will give you the link where You will be able to download movies and watch.

Tamil Movies Free Download
100 days of love

Friends movie has been released in Hindi, the movie has a lot of interest and if you have not seen this movie, then you can go to the YouTube channel and watch this movie in B4u. Atulkar Sarman and Anita Anand are playing the role. Tamil Movies Free Download.


Talk about its IMDb rating, it has got a rating of 6.6/10 from IMDb, which is a very good one and when it comes to its budget, then its budget is about 10 crores which are 19 or 50 crores of steam. Has done.


You do not have that much interest in the first half of this movie, but when you see your second half, then the movie is very interesting and mind-blowing, in this film you will also see many such scenes which will make you tear in your eyes.


If you have not seen this movie yet, then I give you the link below, you can go and watch the movie comfortably here, there will not be any kind of charge here, you can watch movies absolutely free

2.No 1 Mr. perfect


no 1 mr. perfect

So the movie which is on Friends number is Mr. Perfect, which is a romantic movie in Tamil language, its direct man is Dasharatha and on the lead role you will be seen Prabhas and Tapas Kumar playing the role  Talk about its IMDb rating and it’s IMDb It has got a rating of 7.1/10 from the side, which is a very good rating and when it comes to the budget, it is due to about 15 crores and so far its steam running So the wife thing the film has grossed 80 million Yet.

This movie is not complete, but which movie you watch, it is full of love and romance, so you have more interest in all these things, then you must watch this movie once and I will give you the link of this movie from where you Can download for Free.


Manjili Tamil Movies Free Download

It is in the Telugu language which has been very interesting and you will get a lot of bang in it, if you watch this movie then you must have liked this movie because I have seen this movie very well and I am very much Has liked.

It has got a rating of 7.2/10 from IMDB, which is a very good rating, friends, if you watch this movie, you will definitely have tears in your eyes.

If you want to watch this movie, then you can click on the download button below and you can watch the movies directly.



Dear Comrade

Tamil New Movies Download This movie is a Tamil language movie, if you understand Tamil movies then you must watch this movie and talk about its director and its director is Shruti Hasan. Talking about its IMDb rating, its IMDb rating is 7.0/10 a very good rating. If you have not seen it then you must watch this movie once because it is a good romantic movie and I will tell you once you watch this movie. I tell you one thing that if you want to find this movie in Hindi, then you will not find this movie in Hindi, but you will find it in Tamil, which I have given the link below.

One song in this movie which was very famous was Why This Kolaveri was more popular in India.

5.Dear Comrade

Dear Comrade Tamil Movies Free Download

This movie comes at number five today, which you will find very good, this movie will be available in Telugu language and you will not get it in Hindi. If you watch Hindi, then you do not watch this movie. If you understand Telugu, then you Must watch the movie and the director of this movie is Harit Khanna who is a very famous director and this director has removed a lot of the movie.


On the lead role you will get to see the rating of this movie for Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmi Kaimana Talk, while IMDB has given a rating of 8.0 for this movie which is a very good and has a budget of 20 crores and almost this movie Has done more than 100 crores steam earnings so far

6.Mr & Mrs. Ramachari


Mr & Mrs. Ramachari Tamil Movies Free Download

This is a Canadian language movie whose director Kr Santosh Ram can see Radhika Pandit and Ramachari on the lead role. Tamil Movies Free Download.


Talking about its rating, IMDb rating is 7.9, which is very good, the budget of this movie is about 25 crores and till now the movie has earned more than 90 crores.


In this movie you will get to see some cool story in it, there is a boy who is very weak in studies but does so very diligently in another room and it falls in love with his friend’s sister and he goes in the middle of a They get separated from each other and in the end how the two get together, the same was told in this movie, if you have not yet seen this movie, then you must watch it.

7 OK Kanmani


This is a Tamil language picture from which Mani Ratnam Sagar is a very amazing film. This director has made many film buster famous in his life and no matter how many movies have been made famous by the director, that’s why a well-known director Are considered In the lead role of this movie, what you will get to see is Salman and Manan, writing by writing, you will be seen playing a tenant in this film. Tamil Movies Free Download.

This movie has got a rating of 7.4 from IMDB which is very good and when it comes to the budget of this movie, the budget of this movie is about 25 crores and till now the film has done more than 100 crores. Tamil Hd Movies download.


 In this movie, Atulkar Sharma and Nitya Menon can be seen in the lead role, Atul’s Sharma is a web developer and Nitya Menon is a web designer about the love story of both of them.


This movie is a very amazing movie, you must give this movie once because it is a very short story film that looks like a very good movie.

8.Suriya ka Varana

  • This is Tamil language movies directed by Gautam on a lead role, you will find Surya reddy and Anushka Kapoor playing the Role.
  • Rating: Talking about its rating, it has been rated 7.2 / 10 by IMDB, if you want, you must watch this movie once.
  • These movies are very romantic movies, if you like watching such movies, then you must watch these movies once.
  • Its story is so tremendous that watching these movies is very painful Movies.

9. Meri Awargi 


This is the Tamil language movie whose Hindi name is meri Awargi which is directed by Tamir sultan. It is also an old movie which is very tremendous. I will tell you if you have not seen this movie, then you have once seen this movie. I must watch because this movie is very good.

The rating of this film is 7.8 from IMDB and when it comes to the budget, its budget is about 50 crores and it has grossed 300 crores till now. New Tamil Movies Download.

10.Malli Rave


This movie is also a Tamil language movie, its rating is 8.0 / 10 from IMDB.

This movie is a very good movie and I like it very much personally, that’s why you must watch this movie once. Tamil Hd Movies Download.

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