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Air Strike Saudi: 2020 Saudi Arabia retaliates with Yemen, 31 killed in Air Strike Attack



Air Strike Saudi

Air Strike Saudi: 2020 Saudi Arabia carried out an airstrike over Yemen to avenge the attack on its aircraft, which led to the death of 31 people, according to the report, the Rohit rebel killed the Saudi aircraft fighter whose name was heard, That there was a lot of heavy loss of life and property, after which Saudi has avenged this by its airstrike, in which 31 people have lost their lives in Saudi S what the airstrikes this so that 31 is being told to kill people is coming news that was attacked around 5:00 pm the evening Saturday.

Air strike Saudi 


  • Saudi Arabia attacked Yemen’s airbase where reports of 31 people killed.
  • Tensions between the two countries have increased after this attack.
  • According to media reports where the attack took place, the same people had reached the spot where the plane fell.

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