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Airport Danbang: A young man caught at the airport with a currency of 45 lakhs, the officer was shocked when he saw the jugaad.



Airport Dabang

Airport Dabang: 2020 A young man being taken to Dubai has been arrested by the police with currency. The young man. He wanted to take it to Dubai by packing the currency inside the biscuits in his big bag and the currency was so well kept inside the peanuts. That it cannot be doubted. But the police stationed at the airport sent them ahead to investigate it and it was then known that its bag was filled with peanut currency and not peanuts. You will be surprised to hear how they make so much Manage and what was this currency being taken for. After scrutiny, it was found that he had a currency packed in a packet of biscuits and inside  peanuts.

Airport Dabang:

  • The youth was caught at the airport with a currency of 4500000.
  • Sweets were hidden in peanuts and biscuits ₹ 4500000.
  • IGI Airport started being suspicious only when the investigation of the young man went.
  • The youth was carrying currency of 4500000 Rupees to Dubai.

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