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Akshay Kumar की 6 Tips Fat कम करने के लिए ।। Akshay Kumar Fitness Motivation



akshay kumar fitness motivation

Akshay Kumar Fitness Motivation : Akshay Kumar said that if a person cannot give an hour to his body in his life, then he cannot do much more in his life and neither can he gain anything. Because only if his body remains right. His mind will also remain agile freshness, even his body will not be right, then how can anyone do the work and his ability to understand and thinking also decreases. That is why a person who cannot remove his body for one hour exercise in his life, then that person cannot do anything for his life, says Akshay Kumar, since he was born, there is no such day. The day he did not get up at 4:00 in the morning to exercise. You can understand that Akshay Kumar, who is such a busy person, also demands exercise in his life. For fitness body. So why can’t you give it?

6 fat loose Tips | Akshay Kumar Fitness Motivation

  • You do not have to make rules, no matter what the workout is, you have to exercise your body for 1 hour No matter what you do, you must give 1 hour to your body. You are responsible for your health one day.
  • You have your food before bed at night. You should eat 2 to 3 hours before because at the time you eat while sleeping, it is not your fat that your obesity is fast. And your body becomes mercenary. Due to which you have to work very hard to lose weight later.
  • Should you eat less salt and sugar? If you use salt and sugar more then you. Is equal to neither can we or can we reduce it? Because your weight gain is more due to the calories in sugar, which can increase your fat.
  • You should not consume fried and fried things. Because the intake of fried and roasted things increases your fat.

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