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School Bus Crash: Why the hell does the bus crash -2019 [Latest News]



bus crash of school in road fire man school bus crash
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The growing population and the roads of the district have become thirsty for the blood of the people continuously. The process of increasing the number of people dying in road accidents is not taking the name of stopping. Who is responsible for the bus driver or the government. As far as the delay in the bus is concerned, many times there have been jams, road closures, and trucks in the middle of the song. In such a situation, the bus drivers change their path and use the path which is completely deserted, there is a big moat around it, or do we remember if there might be a big pond nearby, The width of the road is also less. Great care must be taken in a situation which the bus driver does not do nor does the zebra crossing in that road, in such a situation the bus driver does not understand anything when it comes time to turn the bus. Due to descent, our car falls into the ditch, which kills many children including Bar Javed and some of the children who survive are completely injured school Bus Crash

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Causes of increasing school bus crash accidents

The school Bus Crash does not remain, conductor, drivers also show arbitrary and negligent. School buses run on alcohol, the school Bus Crash is not repaired periodically, causing all the front and rear tires of the bus to deteriorate completely. In which the brake does not work completely and neither the bus is cleaned, due to some such drawbacks and conditions, the accident of school Bus Crash is increasing.

Driver school bus drivers do carelessness while driving

 A major cause of school Bus Crash driver negligence has come to light. We will try to explain to you here in an exemplary way, you will find this thing carefully. It is based on a true incident: – This case of Bhirdana village; City-Hahi belongs to the school. After getting discharged from school, the bus which the children come to leave the house while getting off the same bus, the pants of a child of Khajuri village got stuck in the door. There was no conductor on that bus. The bus driver also did not see all this and took the bus. In his position, the child moved about 50 feet. After this, when the shift came to unload the children again, the bus stopped. Then when the driver’s attention turned to the door, the bus driver noticed that the 5-year-old Sangam studying in LKG had peeled back and the left leg was completely fractured (broken). ) Had arrived. Ritchpal Singh, the grandfather of the child who reached the spot soon after receiving the information, took that child to the hospital. The student is currently undergoing treatment.

school Bus crash

The family members allege that if the school complains about the matter, it is said to be the fault of the child. The family were talking about complaining to DC about the matter. At the same time, the school principal says that he has gone on a tour of Rajasthan with the school children, something can be said on the matter only after coming.

 Administration and parents of parents have surrounded the school bus conductor

1. As per rules, the conductor is responsible for boarding and unloading children. But why was the conductor not placed on the school Bus Crash? 


2. If the bus does not have a conductor, then the bus driver should get up from the seat to see if the child landed or not, but in this case, it was not done.


3. It is the responsibility of the school administration to ensure that the child is safe at home. But how are the principals shoving the case? He does not want to take any kind of accusation on his head, he wants to leave all his mistakes to the children.

The school administration and bus conductor have been surrounded by big officials and the government

School Bus Crash: Why the hell does the bus crash -2019 [Latest News] 1 School Bus Crash: Why the hell does the bus crash -2019 [Latest News]

50 children sitting in the place of 30 conductors of arbitrary bus conductors?

Gene buses were considered to be the safest for school children, such a situation .. School. Buses were being discussed from low level to district level. The same big bus became the cause of many children, control of the bus. As it was over, the bus fell into the ditch in the road accident. 26 other injured persons aboard the bus are being treated in hospitals. Later the bus got out of the ditch with the help of a crane.

The Road Transport Administration is also responsible for it, despite the increasing number of bus accidents, it has caused problems. The biggest problem of the time is the negligence of the bus conductor. Not constructing the road from time to time, not repairing the finished road completely, flooding the raw road, etc.

The main reason is

50 bus conductors sit in place of 30 children in a bus

 Bus conductors driving heavy vehicles with children sitting in large numbers, some children sitting on seats, some children standing. Major accidents happen in Kachchh road. Recently, due to the flooding of Kachchh road, a huge accident took place which resulted in the loss of 26 children. The strict instruction taken by the school administration also includes that children should be seated according to the seat and not 50 instead of 30. 

The children should be accommodated according to the seat or else it can lead to very big accidents and also In the bus, it is very important to have a driver as well as a conductor, which will reduce the chances of an accident.

It is to be noted that the school Bus Crash should be periodically repaired and painted yellow and the check and brake should be properly strengthened so that no incident occurs.

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