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Baba Ram Rahim luxurious Life of Biography, Open Real Secret -2019



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 Today we are going to talk about Baba Ram Rahim, today we will tell you how Luxirius life of Ram Rahim is and talk about its biography. There is hardly anyone who does not know Ram Rahim Baba, I think Baba Ram Rahim’s name will be on everyone’s tongue and with this, we will talk about some of its secrets which a common public would not know. Regarding its secrets, let’s go ahead with this topic, if you want to know about Gurmeet Ram Rahim, then read this post carefully.

Baba Ram Rahim 

Everyone knows what happened in Jehanabad, PunjabDelhi, Rajasthan and UP on August 25, 2017, but do you know what happened in these states is similar to the CBI of Panchkula, Haryana, Ram Rahim in the case that has been going on for 15 years Was convicted


Due to which the CBI team was being run by the supporters of Sacha Sauda and came to the violence in this violence, property worth many millions of crores wasted, even 40 to 50 people lost their lives, even an IAS daughter coming from school Blew the bus.


Two trains of Anand Vihar in Delhi which go from Bihar to Delhi were set on fire so that two trains were completely gutted

Even the entire Panchkula was burnt, violence took place at seven total places in Delhi, two hundred and 300 people were injured, 80 to 90 police personnel were also injured and even the SPs were injured in this whole incident like That I told you above about 40 to 50 people were killed.


Today I will tell you the complete reality of the pity that caused the loss of these innocent people and the loss of property worth millions of crores. Yes Dos So today we are going to tell about the person whose hand is behind this incident, then perhaps you people would have known that there was no one else behind this incident because of Baba Ram Rahim’s hand, due to which this was a complete outcry, so let’s know a little about

Biography of Ram Rahim Baba

Ram Rahim was born on 15 August 1967 in Gurusad moida village of Rajasthan, in Ganganagar district. His father’s name was Maghar and his mother’s name was Naseeb Kaur. His father was a landlord. His studies started from a small school which was next to his village.


 In the Satsang performed by sahsatnam on 23 September 1990, he assumed the title of santasang and took the leadership of Kurmi Ram RahimGurmeet Ram Rahim married a girl named Harjeet Kaur. After this, he got 3 daughters and one son as many as. There are also children, all children commit violence to the title taken by their father in the last of his name, if we talk about Baba Ram Rahim, it can be seen from many angles.

First of all, there is political existence Baba ram Rahim has also worked in politics for a few years and it is also knowledge of political, in 2014, he supported the Bharatiya Janata Party a lot which was held in Haryana.


After that he not only supported the Bharatiya Janata Party in the Delhi Assembly, but said that it has more than 2000000 supporters in Delhi and the Bharatiya Janata Party will win from the Delhi Assembly but it will not happen because in that election the Bharatiya Janata Party Only 3 were able to get seats, after this, they also worked for the Bharatiya Janata Party in Bihar but in Bihar Mr Bharatiya Janata Party-led to the defeat

Baba Ram Rahim Singh World Records

If we talk about its world records, then there are many such world records, such as one of the most burning oils in the clay lamp is Ram Rahim, if I talk about the lamp in it, then light one and a half million lamps in it. The program was organized by Ram Rahim in Haryana on 23 September 2016, out of which a total of 1500 people participated in this program. Were involved


The record of the largest figure printing is also named after Ram Rahim and Satnam Shri green as welfare force, its printing length was 3900 square meters.

Ram Rahim Baba Singh as an entertainer

One of Baba Ram Rahim Singh’s great hobbies that he had since childhood, is to sing Baba Ram Rahim as an actor and also perform Writing, Director and Diskography.


 In 2014, I released Ram Rahim Highway luck charger and along with that, he also made a lot of films, out of which the top films are MSG-2 MSG and he has made a lot of films, he has also made songs for both films himself. Have composed and sung themselves

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Award His name includes many awards. In 2016, he has also received the award for the most actor writer and director from his own films DADA sai Foundation.

Gurmit Ram Rahim Baba Criminal Cases

  • Ram Rahim Baba has a lot of criminal cases in it, there are many cases in which cases ranging from rape to murder and sexual assault are present
  • .In 2002, the woman was accused of sexual harassment by a sadhvi of her organization, that woman sent an application to the then Prime Minister of India, Bajpai Ji, about Ram Rahim and told it to PM Bhajpay Ji.


Gurmeet Singh, a supporter of Ram Rahim, is also accused of murder, followed by the murder of a journalist who was searching for an investigation into the murder of Ranjit Horn.


On dera Sacha Sauda, they made 300 people impotent, which is also running on its hair, its people alleged that they have been impotent.

After this, 25 August 2017


On this, the CBI of Panchkula blamed him for rape, but I hope that you will like this post story, if you have any question, you can send us a comment in the box.



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