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Bigil: 2019[ Review] Download by TamilRockers|720p



Review of Bigil Movies step by sterp

Welcome friends, today we will talk about this week’s first film of Bigil where Thalapathy Vijay and director Agnikumar are once again present with a mask entertainment film and this time the Joru they have selected is from the sports drama. So friends, let us know how the film is and give you a little information about this film, if you like the report, you will definitely like it and so To subscribe to the post, we must subscribe, so let’s start with friends, the story of this thrilling film. So how does a man with a rowdy background ie Michael become the coach of Tamil Nadu women’s football team and how? From them, Jeet Dilwa Ta Hai depends on which some part of the film depends on it, I would like to say that the plot of the film is the main focus of the film’s story It is about women’s sports and here the film shows how the way women’s sports deal with these problems and how they deal with these problems, then it is a matter of the minus and plus point of the film. 

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I would like to say that the director Athili Kumar, director AR Murugadoss and Vijay sir have now got a formula that they can use to make any film It can not be a super hit and this thing is being seen and I would like to say that he is using this formula with every film in a better way and presenting it firmly on the screen yes friends Tala Pati Vijay Like this film, like the previous film, Emotion Entertainment and Mask Scene is the perfect combination of these three, where you will get to see a very good message, I would like to say that very After a long time, there has been a film which averages around 3 hours and during the whole film, not even 1 minute I felt that the film was drawn somewhere or I could not see boredom anywhere, yes friends. Ka is very good on screen Bigil.

Bigil is a Tamil language film which is a 2019 Indian action sports film directed by Athili Kumar and produced by Aghoram, if you talk about the music of this film, the music composed by AR Rahman. Has been done and the length of the songs is very short which is good. The background of the film is very good. On 22 June 2019, the film was titled Bigil. This film was released on 25 October 2019 in Tamil language which was shown in limited IMAX screen. 

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The film is the first film to be released in Jordan and Egypt. The film is the highest grossing Tamil film in the world. Emerged which went ahead after defeating Rajinikanth’s strap and the film went ahead after beating Sahu and Housefull and also abroad. It has become the highest-grossing Tamil film of all time in the United Kingdom. Was the film released after 1 month in which an album with 2 additional songs was released while both of them were also written by Vivek The song was performed by Bam Baba in Kaal while Geet Idhar Ko Tern Ko Sunita Sarathi in Ghee And was performed with additional songs by Arjun Chandi?

The storyline of the film (Bigil)


The storyline of the film is a little common but one thing for which I would like to say that Athili sir should be praised, despite having such a simple predictable storyline, the manner in which he has presented the film on the screen is truly commendable. Is because in today’s time if you are making films with predictable story then you have to technically in every department It has to be very strong and this thing is the perfect example of the films that Agni Kumar’s work in this film is not doing and he is seen doing the way he was doing the mask and emotional scene in this film. The manner in which he has done well and the way he made the connection between the rifle and the bugle within a very short time is a matter of praise.


We all know how well Thalapathy Vijay can play three different roles and they have played that task very easily in this field. Nayantara’s role is fine in this field. Do Yogi Babu’s role, he has done his work in a very good way and he manages to make you laugh in this film. The movies are also Jackie Shroff’s role and he also Has played the job in a very good way, overall, it is said that all the characters in this role have worked well with their heart, if you are comfortable watching a Tamil film, then I would like to say that this film is a must-watch and because it The film will not disappoint you at all. From my side, 4.2 stars out of five, if you have seen this film, then you must comment and tell me or you We started going down.If you like this post, then definitely like it.

Additional Songs: – 


1. “Time in” Bamba


2. “Idarakuthan” Delhi (Additional Vowel: Sunita Sarathi Arjun Chandy)


Track List


1. “Singappeni” AR Rahman, Shasha Tirupati


2. “Virathanam” Poovayar, Vijay


3. “Unakaga” Madhura Dhara Talluri, Srikant Hariharan


4. “Chinmayi” Mathre, Suresha, Akshara, Vithusayani


5. “Bigl Bigl Bigiluma” A.R. Rahman

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