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CAA: 2020 कहीं हिंसा तो कहीं हंगामा हो रही है। caa



Caa kwan viloace

CAA kwan: Sangrampur violence in CAA Some people got trapped in chaos and some escaped from there to save their lives, by reaching police on the spot, they saved the lives of all those people, in the course of time, they understood the streets as Ram so that trapped began to take place all around; the same time I started throwing stones on the vehicles with the CA’s opponents, and in Chhindwara village also the citizenship .

Caa kwan

Amendment regarding the CAA act see the pulls on the stage, the former BJP MLA standing on the stage of Sangrampur was saying something about manoj dubey caa kwaw. In the same delay, the public started creating a ruckus on Manoj Dubey….More info

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