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[Click Here] Yuo-Tube Video Watch Now Enjoy With Family & Friends -2005



[Click Here] Yuo-Tube Video Watch Now Enjoy With Family & Friends -2005
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If you want to watch YouTube video then you can click on the link below and enjoy YuoTube video


 If you need this post, I start friends, I’m your friend Gautam and your www.thegautamnews. com is very welcome.

But if you want to know about Yuo-Tube‘s amazing success story, remember the boys who lost their jobs, when you bought PayPal and eBay, all three lost their jobs. Today, the world’s second-largest search engine and video platform is the world’s largest platform, so if you need this post, I start Mskar friends, I’m your friend Gautam and your www.thegautamnews. com is very welcome.

History Of  Yuo-Tube

Google says that YouTube is going to be many times bigger than TV. YouTube will remain small in front of YouTube and YouTube will become a huge industry. These three have brought a stage in front of us which I and you keep watching every day on Yuo tube as per your choice.

Step-1   Idea Yuo-tube Founder 

All three suddenly worked together in the paper, all three suddenly created a big problem by creating YouTube. Now, what was the problem? At that time these people wanted to share some videos and their friends that if their birthday party could not reach, what happened was it was a very long video, due to which he could not go to the video, then these three thought he Why not create a platform where we can upload and send videos as we wish

Register Compay With DomainName 

You Tube started in 2005, where these three friends held their birthday party and due to not sharing their videos, they created YouTube and became the world’s largest video sharing platform Yuo tube Is the world’s largest video sharing platform, became the second largest search engine in the world.

Creative Idea

John ranks second in Alexa’s global rank. Yuo gives all the people of the world the opportunity to share knowledge and talk about it, if the World has a problem, you can find it very easily in Yuo tube. You will get the knowledge that you want, just Search Y.U.O Tube and you will find thousands of videos from it.

When the idea of sharing the video came to the mind of the trio, all three were inspired by a website like Hot or Not, which is an online dating website.

YUO Tube recreated their domain 2005 and the first video on Yu o- Tube was upload on 23 April 2015 titled Me At The Zoo which recorded a birdhouse video.

Investment In Yuo-tube Company 

If you want to watch that video, you will still get to see that video. In 2006, he invested around $ 12 million on his your tube. A few years later, in Y.U.O Tube, a similar SEQUOIA company earned $ 3.5 million. After that, the Yuo Tube launched the official tone at the time, its visuals were around 6 lakh views / daily. In 2006, Google planned to run it on its own and from its founder Google

Talked to its founder and started walking accordingly

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Subsequently, in 2007 google started Adsense on yuo tube, according to the producers who were on the videos they made, according to which they kept 45% and gave 55% to the producers.

In 2010, he also starred in live streaming, where he aired a total of 60 matches in the IPL in 2010, he also changed his interface to make his website user-friendly, followed by 2 billion people on YUO Tube. On. Started watching videos

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Grow Company 

Similarly, friends started uploading 48 hours of videos in 2011, 60 hours of videos by 2012 and 4000 videos per minute by 2017, and 50000 hours of videos have started uploading by 2019, friends You can guess how big this industry is. , And even today friends yuo tube have started to grow and even today we will not have more jerks on such a day that you do not watch videos on yuo tub

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