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Corona Virus: चीन में 80 लोगों की जान ले चुका है । भारत मे भी बन रहा है खतरा ।



Corona virus

Corona virus: This virus is a deadly virus, since it has come from China to India, the people of India are getting very upset since this virus has killed about 80 people in China so far and this virus is soon in India too. Your influence is showing, due to which people here are also suffering from this virus, you must read this article completely because I will tell you about how to avoid this deadly virus. For more information, you must watch this video… More Info

Corona virus

How to prevent from corona virus?

  • If there is any urgent work then go to China otherwise do not go
  •  Such patients do not stay with you and stay away from it.
  • Use a mask in your mouth to avoid the corona virus
  •  You don’t have to eat someone’s shoes
  • Before sleeping with someone, keep a distance from him so that your breath does not get his breath.
  •  Keep distance from corona virus patient

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1 Comment

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