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Coronavirus in UP



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Coronavirus in UP The biggest news man so far is that a total of 81 cases have been confirmed so far. To close all schools and colleges till 31st March, the Government of India has taken steps to close all schools and colleges for the present time and the Central Government sends 4 doctors to the team room who are also stuck there. Trying to bring them to India, now let us see how long those people can be saved and yet this time no district in Bihar has been confirmed yet.corona virus


Coronavirus in UP

  • The doctors have been sent to the Indians trapped in the room. The central government has sent a team of 4 doctors to Rome.
  • Due to the Karona virus, schools and colleges are being closed so far and as long as it keeps saying, schools and colleges will also be closed.
  • Efforts are being made to save the children and so far 4 team doctors have been sent to the room requesting that some initiative should be taken to save them. When will Bihar school colleges be closed till March 30.
  • The IPL was scheduled to begin from March 15, which will also be played for all the teams that have not been canceled

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