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Coronavirus of China : What will be the impact of Coronavirus on China as well as the Global Economy and Indian Economy? KissaAajtak



Coronavirus of China

Coronavirus of China: 2020 If I talk about the whole country. So if anyone has made the most growth in this whole country, then it is China but friends have been moving very fast for a few years, which is the biggest of China’s growth. The reason is the economy and the people there. Having productivity For a few months. The entire economy of China has been destroyed. You must have known that China is at the forefront of the country. And now that one small virus. Too big for him. Is staining And is causing his growth. 13. With a 6 trillion dollar economy. The world’s second-largest economy. Where no one in the world has broken its growth record but has been shocked by not a virus. And has reduced its  growth.

Coronavirus of China: 2020

  • What can be its effect on India? Do you know if you have any idea?
  • 45% of the world’s production is from China.
  • 9% of the world’s LED, TV, production occurs in China.
  • 27% of Electronics goods are produced in China.

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