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Coronavirus story: कोरोना वायरस से कैसे बचे ? यह क्यों है इतना खतरनाक ?



coronavirus story

Coronavirus story: 2020 from Wuhan city. till now. Has killed 4000 people. Of which one doctor is also reported to have died. The whole world has suffered from the coronavirus. Hundreds of people have had to kill their lives. Friends, what is the reason that most of the diseases found on the continent of Asia start from China, it becomes a threat to all of us. Today we will know in this video and talk together how you can avoid this virus and how this virus can become dangerous for you? Because friends live life.It doesn’t matter why I would live healthily in life and if your health if any. Virus affair. I’m getting screwed so how can you avoid this virus? Today we will talk in this video, so you must watch this video for more information, so how can millions of people who are caught in the virus be saved? Today I will tell you very well. How can you avoid this virus?

Coronavirus story: How to avoid coronavirus? Why is it so dangerous? 


Coronavirus. Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Nepal, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, France, America, and India has spread to the country. Some patients in Kerala, Mumbai, and Goa have symptoms of the disease from coronaviruses. But right now coronavirus symptoms. Not seen completely clean. Because it can be.Be it from China, or some other dises.

  • Friend because of bird flu in 1996. More than 500 people lost their lives by 500.
  • Between 2002 and 2003, the disease killed 700 people in China.
  • You might know about the 2009 swine flu. Because swine flu was also a virus like a coronavirus in which thousands of people died. But now this coronavirus is becoming a threat to our lives. It is becoming a threat not only to us but to the whole world.
  • The biggest reason for swine flu was the consumption of pork which caused or caused the disease.
  • Coronavirus, which came in 2020, is now creating panic in the whole world so that the whole world is living in turmoil. Because this virus is considered more dangerous than swine flu. This time, no antidepressant drug has been made. However, the Health Minister has continuously extracted the medicine for this virus. Is requesting the government.

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