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Coronavirus को लेकर सरकार ने जारी की एडवाइजरी, China ना जाने की दी नसीहत




coronavirus: 2020 There is no confirmation in the country of Corona virus yet in India, it is said that according to WHO, all the China-bound aeroplanes have been banned till 20 February, according to WHO, India is currently number 23. With this, everyone has been alerted that if any urgent work is required, then go to China, otherwise if it does not go then it is good for their health The number has been counted according to the number of passengers traveling by air  from China.

Coronavirus: high-risk country 

  1. Thailand 1no
  2. Japan 2no
  3. Hong kong 3 no
  4. America 6 no
  5. Australia  10 no
  6. India 23 no

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If you are involved in high risk countries, then you can curse according to this that no analysis has been done in our India yet and neither has there been any effect of coronavirus in our India, although it has had some impact on India. Health Ministry has declared travel advice for not going to China, its symptoms are many. For more information, you must watch the video...more info

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