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गोली-मार कांड सिर्फ वारदात नहीं, एजेंडा था ? देखिए Dangal With Rohit Sardana



Dangal with Rohit Sardana

Dangal with Rohit Sardana: 2020 A very big decision is being taken today regarding the bullet that has been fired in Shaheen Bagh. What is the secret behind that? Today you will get to see in this video why we will debate and find out about all these commotions in Sahin bagh that day. After all, who is the one who shoots, is this the common man or party? Bharatiya Janata Party, ie BJP were the people of these people, today you will tell people that who fired this bullet, who fired the last bullet, who came from where? You will tell us all about these, for more information, you must watch this video completely because it is well told to you in this video.


Dangal with Rohit Sardana

  • Kejriwal has tweeted on Twitter. From Amit Shah. It has been said that elections will continue to happen in Delhi, but the fighting riots are going on in Delhi. After all, what is going on, Kejriwal has asked Amit Shah that you should not get all this done because Kejriwal says Amit Shah is getting it done.
  •  The person who shot was. Joe was standing behind them. Whether he was a common man or BJP people, we will tell you all about them today.
  • Gunman Kapil Singh’s father Gurjar before firing. He is fully aware of the common man. People. If awarded, the snake comes out that no one else was fired but the Aam Aadmi Party was run by the party. Friends, you should keep watching the video for more information because it tells you the total clear.

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