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Dashrat Manjhi Brother: 2020 This Bihari’s initiative has shaped the future of poor children



Dashrat Manjhi Brother: 2020   This Bihari’s initiative has shaped the future of poor children

Dasharatha Manjhi, who cut the mountain and made way for the people, and today Manjhi of Bodh Gaya gave a new light to the child who lived by begging the foreigners to take the bowls to the foreigners, they took the responsibility of teaching all these children. So that this video is becoming very viral because all the parents of this child did not pay attention to them, due to which its future was spoiled. Programming was so Bodhgaya boater gave her support to the children and their future took responsibility for his side to bright the government needs to focus on them will be able to then become the go, future children.


Dashrat Manjhi Brother: 2020    

  1. This manjhi has taken the responsibility of children for almost 50 years, now it is to see how far the government helps it.
  2. The question is arising whether the parents of these right children did not pay attention to them, then the children did not want to study.
  3. If India goes on like this, then how will you be able to move forward? By not commenting on me, you should definitely tell me how you liked this video, so please tell me.

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