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Delhi Election Result 2020: Dangal of Delhi, whose will be today? Results in a while



Delhi Election Result 2020

Delhi Election Result: 2020 You must know that in 2013, Sheila defeated Dikshit by 25000 votes. because of which. There was a panic in Delhi. Kejriwal from Shiva Assembly seat in Delhi. When Sheila Dixit was defeated by 25000 votes. At the same time, a new story has been added to the politics of Delhi. You must know. That this seat of Delhi is considered as per the CM seat here. The one who goes from here gets elected and becomes the Chief Minister. This has been going on since the days of Sheila Dixit. However, there is no visible noise on Kejriwal. 

Sahin Bagh There is a ruckus about who is going to shoot. Who was there with all this? The people of Delhi are asking everyone that they want to go. After all, this one is about to shoot. Who was it from the Aam Aadmi Party, it was again sent by the Bharatiya Janata Party and I will tell you guys, definitely watch this video.

Delhi Election Result 2020 | Dangal of Delhi, whose will be Mars today? Results in a while

  • Sine Bagh’s noise and development are being discussed on this issue.
  • Frustrated BJP saying the party is furious. So that people want to know there.
  • Night of doom on both sides. Has passed like.
  • Now let’s see whose bet is up and who’s not?

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