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Delhi Election: The accused who attacked the AAP MLA’s convoy is in custody, a case of mutual rivalry!



Delhi Election

Delhi Election: 2020 We will tell you about a major attack in Delhi. Regarding the attack on the convoy of MLA of AAP Naresh Yadav. The police have taken large custody. From the AAM Aadmi Party. The attack took place due to Naresh Yadav, who was absconding on the attack of nephew by an MLA. He also fired several times, which led to the police taking the spot into his custody.

Delhi Election: 2020


  • The partner has done more than 8 firings in the previous night.
  • Delhi Police has taken the accused into custody.
  • The firing on the nephew of the accused in 2019 was due to which he was retaliated. So to modify, Ashok Mann was fired.
  • He was firing to repay the nephew’s amendment.

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