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Deserted by CORONA VIRUS This city of China| 2020



Deserted by CORONA VIRUS

Deserted by CORONA VIRUS: 2020  Wuhan city of China is completely engulfed by the coronavirus. It has come where the population of China has reached 16 million, where the population of China was 16 million people. Your showering. The coronavirus spread its net in Wuhan city of China so fast that the people there had to leave their homes and go elsewhere. China has caught about 560 people in China, this virus has killed 560 people in a day. And its number is constantly increasing. Now, what does it matter how you can avoid this virus? Because of this virus too. Medicine. It does not work While in China, more than 28000 people have been caught.

This city of China was deserted by CORONA VIRUS

  • In one day, 570 people have lost their lives.
  • While around 2400 people have been caught in the grip of the corona virus.
  • The highest outbreak of coronavirus is in Huawei.
  • The world is in awe of this virus of death.

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