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What is the difference between IAS and IPS, how much is the salary?



Different B/W Ias And Ips

IAS and IPS : 2020 There are many people who want to become IAS and IPS. But many people do not know about IAS and IPS work, salary etc. whether IAS or IPS? IAS and IPS jobs are specially empowered jobs.


Their different work and salary is also different (1) IAS officer salary is according to their posts, such as 

Different between ias and ips

(A) Junior or Lower Time Scale – 15000 -39100 

(B) Senior Time Scale-15000 -39100

( C) Junior Administrator 15600 -39100 

(D) Selection Grade 37400 -67000 

(E) Super Time Scale -37000 -67000 

(F) Apex Scale-80000 

(G) Cabinet Secretary Grade-90000. (2) IPS officer’s salary too According to the posts, such as 

  •  (a) Junior Time Scale (ASP) -78000 
  •  Senior Time Scale (DSP) -94000
  • Junior Administrative Grade (SP & DCP) -110500
  •  Selection Junior Scale (SSP) -183500 
  • Super Time Scale (DIG) -202000 
  •  Super Administrative Grade (DGP) -255000 
  • Apex-315000. IAS and IPS are always in their uniform at the time of inter-IPS duty, but not IAS officers. IAS officers are always accompanied by bodyguards but with the IPS, there is a full police force. IPS has a full form – Indian Police Service and IAS Full Form – Indian Administrative Service.

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