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Difference between LTE and VOLTE -Full Details [Step By Step]



Difference between LTE and VOLTE -Full Details [Step By Step]

Friends, there was a time when even a small photo used to take half an hour to download, but since Jio has arrived, almost all of the smartphones have started coming with 4G features. There are two types of features inside 4G. Second Volte Bro now, if someone goes to buy a phone here, then there are two problems in front of him, the biggest problem in front of him is that whether to take the brother LTE phone or VOLTE because 4G has to be bought because Jio SIM is running If not, then LTE and VOLTE bring the biggest confusion, now we start both of them take full form| Difference between LTE and VOLTE

Difference between LTE and VOLTE

* Now this is the full form of LTE which is Long Term Evolution VoLTE has full form Voice over Long Term Evolution

* Now it is known that both of them have such a difference in full form and both 4G support some LTE which is what we call normal 4G support.

Whereas VOLTE we call Full 4G originally brought LTE upgrade version so that it can overcome its flaws.

* In which we get to see the internet as well as voice version, the same next which is the biggest difference between the two. If a phone comes while running the Internet in VOLTE, then the internet connection is not closed.

* When a call is received while running the Internet in LTE version, the internet connection is closed, then there is a huge difference in the quality of both of them, due to which the version of

 VOLTE is more preferred. Difference between LTE and VOLTE

* Where in LTE we can only make normal calls while in VOLTE we can make calls in HD quality, it is also a big difference between these two, if we want to make video calling in HD quality then we need a third party application. Have to resort to


* Volte is not like that in LT. The biggest problem in LTE is that we have to resort to a third-party application like Done, Google Duo & Whatsapp, but when we make a video call to someone from VOLTE Version, then we No third party application has to be resorted to. This is the biggest difference. Difference between LTE and VOLTE

* The most major difference between these two is that it comes out that according to LTE phones, why is VOLTE phone more expensive?

Which is not in LTE but all the features of 4G, and the same shows all the features of 4G in VOLTE.

*Almost all the features of 4G are supported, so if you want to buy a 4G phone, then I recommend you buy the version of VOLTE because you will get all the features in it, you will not have to resort to any third-party application. Difference between LTE and VOLTE

Internet Courage In India

On the other hand, if we talk about when 4G or 3G has come in our country India, before I tell you about 4G, 3G, first we talk, May first tell you about 1G, we can only call it As the technology upgraded, gradually its version also changed, followed by 2G followed by 3G and then 4G and soon 5G will be launched in our India. Maybe you know about 5G If you know from Le, then I will be the first to talk about 1G  in our India was available only for voice calling and then came 2G, which used to run our internet very slow and then upgraded to 3G, better internet than 2G. Was and after that it has come to our India, what is going on right now is 4G which is a good speed and very soon 5G is going to be launched in our India which is 100 times faster than 4G internet Security. 
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Since when did the technology of VOLTE and LTE come to India in our country in this country, let me tell you that the technology of LTE and VOLTE was first brought to India by Airtel in 2012 and after that many companies came and you know and JIO has come after Difference between LTE and VOLTE

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