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Why Donald Trump wants to increase friendship with Donald Trump vs Modi, tells astrologer Mayank Sharma



Donald Trump vs Modi

Donald Trump vs Modi: 2020 I am going to do a piece of very big news with you guys. Why does Donald Trump want to meet Modi ji again and again, does Donald Trump want some help from India or does he want to be friends with Modi ji because when Modi ji of America When we went on a tour, the people there welcomed Modi ji very much and asked Modi ji how are you Modi ji and Donald Trump is also coming with great enthusiasm and Hmdabad the Motera station will ask how you are Donald Trump living a very well be a grand welcome by the Motera station of Ahmedabad. It is being told that more than one lakh people will attend this ceremony and all will welcome Donald Trump together.

Donald Trump vs Modi


  • Going to meet two superpowers is going to meet, due to which people of the whole world are scared after all, why trump goes to India again and again.
  • Now the question is coming, why Donald Trump and PM Modi praise each other so much and why they want to be friends of each other. Why say Modi ji is his true and good friend.
  • If two countries get back, then you can imagine how much sweetness will come between the two countries.

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