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Froude Schools: 2020 What is happening in Unnao? Hand shovel in place of children’s hand pen.



froude schools

Froude Schools: 2020 A very big question that is posed in this video. See how you guys are getting children working in this video by teachers. Instead of studying in children, children are being made to work. Now you can also tell that if the child who goes to study will work, what will he read? Do children go to school to mop, do children go to school to throw mud to grab a hoe? Will the future of the child be built in such a way, how long will our government continue to do this way, you people should share this video more, this post in front of the people of Jalesar so that everyone will know.

Froude Schools:


  • The question arises, will the children continue to mop the same way.
  • Children are being played with or studying.
  • Will the children ever be able to do something in this way in the future. Where children go to study, they are made to work, then you can guess what will happen to the children and do the children come to school to work?

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