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Fruit and Vegetable Seller मिलावट का असली भंडाफोड़ | 2020



Fruit and vegetable seller: 2020

Fruit and vegetable seller: 2020 Friends, you must watch this video for complete information because what I am going to tell you today can be very dangerous to your health, if you survive all these things then if you buy vegetables from the market So be a little careful because such poison is mixed in all these vegetables by which you can become a victim of a very serious disease, it can also kill you because the fruit is all All other substances have become poisonous in today’s era, knowing the common man is compelled to fall prey to this disease because he has no other means other than these, otherwise friends, for more information, you must watch this video See…More Read

Fruit and vegetable seller | Some tips for protecting our family

  • The pesticide is used to cook fruits quickly.
  • Chemicals are used to increase vegetable yield quickly.
  • Whenever you go to the market, you do not get benefited from seeing Hari Hari things.
  • Aajojmin Mobil mixed with mustard oil can cause your liver damage.
  • The wood powder added to Masala can be fatal for you. It can also damage the liver.

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