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Good Morning India: 2020



Good Morning India

Good Morning India: 2020 The Supreme Court will give a new verdict on the culprit of politics, or the Supreme Court will decide whether political parties can be prevented from giving tickets to people with criminal backgrounds. Justice RM Rahman Justice Ramindra Bhatt, the petitioner of the Election Commission, reserved his decision after hearing the pleas of Aswani Upadhyay. And now he is hearing that today he can give his decisoin?

Good Morning India


  • Maximum Mp is for those who have a Criminal Background. As of June 2014 it is 25% higher.
  • In Lok Sabha, 239 out of 539 are background whose criminal background is connected.
  • BJP has a criminal charge on 116 MP. About 16% are criminals who are running this country.
  • This is the criminal charge on 57 percent of Congress MPs.
  • 13% of JDO’s around 81% of MPs.Is charged.
  • 29 percent of MPs have cases like rape.

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1 Comment

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