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Green Chilli : 2020 | हरी मिर्च खाने वालों ये विडियो जरूर देखलो



Green Chilli benefits for Pregnancy

Green Chilli: 2020 By the way, friends, you must have heard a lot about green chilli, but do you know that eating green chilie is beneficial or harm, if you do not know what are the benefits of eating green chili, then who should eat green chili or Then what are the disadvantages of eating green chillie, then you must watch this video in its entirety, for more information, you can comment us, we must reply to your comment So let’s go friends and know about the benefits and disadvantages of eating green chillie, how can you benefit from it and what diseases can cure, everyone does not like eating spicy but if green chili Talking about it,the use of it in the limit can be very beneficial for your health, but if you consume red chilli, then you may suffer..Read More

Benefits of Green Chilli 

  • If you consume green chili daily, it increases the light of the eyes, in addition to this, if you use glasses, then it is considered very beneficial for you to take off glasses if you are a chilli Delhi 3 to 4. If you consume from 3 to 4 months, then glasses will come out of your eyes.
  • Daily consumption of green chillie, you can avoid diseases like heart attack, because in our age, once a heart attack occurs in our body, a man dies only once but two to three times in the past. When a heart attack came, the man was killed, so if you want to keep your heart clean, then you should consume green chillie regularly in your vegetables.
  •  It keeps your blood clean and also detoxifies the dirt that is frozen in the blood. If you have a blood problem, you can get rid of this disease by consuming green chillie.

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