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Green glass door: game ideas Secret in 2020



image of green glass door

Green Glass Door: Today I am going to tell you about the green grass door, if you do not know how to play the game, then you can play it in a very good way with the help of this article, you only need to focus your mind if you think well If you do, I tell you with a guarantee that you can play this game well. If a word is taken in double letter,  it can cross through the green glass door if no letter is written in double word. So he can not go through the glass I have the game to one of the most beautiful game so I comment must be friends if did not understand some things that go through a door of green glass.


* Honey but no oil

* Water but not petrol

* Apple but not orange

* mushroom but not a fungus

* Home but not a palace

* Ball but not lemon

* TV screen but no laptop

* Door but no window

* Temple but not a deity

* Moon but not the sun

* Grass, but not flowers

* Rice but not wheat

* The tree is right, while the forest is wrong.

Eat grains but not keys

If you think of this game as being serious then you are going to have a lot of fun. You should think of this game as entertainment and find the answer, but most people often reply to this game to the people according to the sentences given in it, which is not right. If you have to answer, then you have to think separately from the sentences given by us, as long as you do not think apart from it, then you do not have any fun to play this game, you always sleep separately. One thing you will not want to tell is that to play this game you need 3 people. Whenever you start this game, you should always announce according to the green glass door and all the people there are according to the rotation. Should do this game according to the game means who can bring what.

* BMW vs mercedes

* Kuttyweb MoviesDownload

* A lion but not a tiger (two opposite things)

* Red but not yellow colour (two things)

* black but no hair (two different things)

* Soil oil but not diesel (two things but not sterile)

* Cart but not auto (two opposite things)

* pen but not pencil (same thing but not one)

* A pineapple but not apple (two things from the same category)

* Facebook but Instagram (two things that make a pair)

* Common but not guava (two things from the same category)

* litchi but not strawberry (stuff but not one)

Secret game idea

Although this green grass door riddles answer is a very popular folk game, this game is being played in almost every country such as united state, Canada, united kingdom, India and China is slowly becoming famous now depends on who The way the game is being played in this country, this game is played in Jayaadar USA, this game can rotate your mind a lot. The speciality of this game is that this game also increases your thinking power a lot. Your memory power increases play this game Te time you never laugh Because whenever you laugh if while playing the game the game’s fun is Krkra and lasting sense approach to this game.

In this game, you have to think more on words and sentences so that you are not able to think of any useless things about these sentences and will be able to concentrate fully on the game.

So, friends, you concentrate and play this game very well, this game can be very beneficial for your.mind, so you think and play this game.




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Top 10 hottest Places on Earth |  Green Glass Door


The world feels that humans are the most powerful, but they forget that the most powerful thing is nature because today I will tell you about 10 such places which are the hottest on the earth, that is today I am going to tell you that. Top 10 hottest on the Earth, because you must have heard a lot about cold weather. Like Jammu and Kashmir, Thailand, and more there are many more places. Where it is very cold. But today I will talk to you about ten such hot places that will go to the square after seeing the people there. Friends, you can watch this video for more information. green glass door

Bandra: a city which is in Iran is the hottest place and there are few such places in Iran. Where you can find most of the hot spots. The largest hot record so far has been 74  whereas it is always 51 ℃ hot there. So you can guess if you would like to stay there, would you like to stay there. People living here tell that someone has left the sun from above.

Ghadmes Libya: present in the southwest. This city also gets very hot. The city of Owaisi is called the city of Ovashis. As if placed in the middle of the desert. People there say that there is so much heat here that bread is made on the ground. Talk about the biggest record here. So 55 degree temperature is the highest recorded. 

Tibukut mail: This city after the entire famine that occurred in the 70s. Became a hot spot in a terrible way. Earlier there was not much heat here. People believe there. That here. Earlier it was not so hot but now it gets hot up to 50 degrees.

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