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Green Tea Shot | Recipe How to Make it |2020



If you are relaxing with friends, or getting ready to go out, or just want the freedom to make your new cocktail, Green Tea

If you are relaxing with friends, or getting ready to go out, or just want the freedom to make your new cocktail, Green Tea Shot is the easiest and best cocktail of a shake. For quick pre-drinks or, a green tea shot takes just a few minutes to make and it is very easy to make a whole tray of shoots in one go.

Because we want this green tea shot to actually be green tea! Don’t worry, in this article you can find for both recipes of wine cocktails and some healthy real green tea shot options.

For the continued development of technology in the medical field – for which we know what to add to the diet and what to subtract to help maintain a state of health. More healthy than tasty, green tea is not an exception. By incorporating it into your daily life, this energy-rich caffeine powder gives you energy for the whole day. But before using what else this favourite cocktail drink can bring you, let’s get to the simple fact – this favourite Green Tea Shot recipe is being made with a mix of Jameson whiskey, spirit, peach syncarps, and sour.

I know, the first thing that comes to mind when people hear about the process is that the main material can be the green tea that shoots power. Unfortunately, the truth is that this shot does not actually contain green tea! However, however, it still tastes somehow like it does. And this awesome whiskey shooter really represents an excellent balance of me and citrus, refreshing you in great heat.

Important facts of Green Tea Shot:

Green tea shot makes your drink memorable. As you already know this shot will be prepared without the ingredients of green tea, yet the mixture tastes like Zen tea. Smoothness depends on how much alcohol goes into fusion. Due to its sweetener flavour, the drinker did not get bored even after consuming a few extra shots.

Although bartenders take a variety of remedies to make this delicious drink, one of the most sought after methods is to make half of the Jameson whiskey, and the other parts are a mixture of the sour mixture and peach pieces and sprite. Oh dear, I bet you host a party on your lawn or this icebreaker alcoholic beverage near an open beach or in a bar can set the mood for the evening.

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The name has its own reputation. This refreshing drink is originally served in small size shot glasses, and due to its delicious taste and health benefits, it has gone viral in almost all types of bars in the world.Green Tea Shot

Green Tea Shot | Recipe How to Make it [Step by Step]

Benefits of Green Tea Shot Liquor Recipe

Alcoholic drinks similar to this tea have some great health benefits that cannot be ignored. These green shot dishes are made without the presence of green tea, as mentioned earlier; So it is definitely not a benefit to reduce the fat that aka tea does. However, even then, this cocktail is very popular for health-conscious people. Because these spectacular shots contain some of the most powerful and life-saving nutrients that can bring a lot of goodness. Below is a list of potential health benefits.

1. Protection of water:

It is no surprise when our body cannot shed harmful toxins and other pollutants; Our body cannot perform its normal functions which can lead to serious illness. Here, does the liver play an integral part by removing those dangerous contaminants from the body? Fortunately, there is some positive evidence about the connection between this green tea cocktail and liver protection. Separate studies on 80 non-alcoholic people and further 15 types of research showed an exciting relationship between liver function and green tea cocktails. In both, the case surveyor had found that regular intake lowered enzyme levels in the liver, eliminating the possibility of liver damage.

Green Tea Shot | Recipe How to Make it [Step by Step]

2. Avoidance of cancer:

Many tests have also been conducted on animals and cancer prevention tests have yielded impressive results. Some researchers have found that health-promoting ingredients in drinking matcha and green tea may also suppress the risk of cancer that was tested in a test-tube. Although extensive studies on humans were needed to obtain approval from the FDA, those studies showed surprising results in squeezing tumour size and slowing the development of breast cancer.


This tea pill is rich in epigallocatechin-3-gallate which is clinically known to have anti-cancer properties. In addition to inhibiting prostate cancer cell growth, EGCG was equally beneficial for other cancer types.

3. Other excellent health benefits:

With good reasons, this repeated shot helps reduce anxiety and high blood pressure. A healthy element called I-theanine helps this happen. Due to its antioxidant property, it also helps reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Content that enchants this Green Tea Shot

Do you need a glass of memory refreshment to drink worthy drinks?

Half an ounce or 15 ml of Jameson Irish whiskey

½ ounce or 15ml of Peach Schnapps

A one-half ounce or 15 ml sour mix

A dash of sprite or apple cider

Two to four snowflakes

Additional equipment you need to qualify this shot:

You will need those simple tools.

1. Cocktail Shaker

2. Bar Strainer

3.Shot Glasses

4. Cocktail Blend

A little bit about the taste of the ingredients

Those ingredients, Peach Schnapp is the hardest to taste, and for some, it is only delightful if you mix it with some juices to bring it down. You know what I mean, right? The smell is so strong that it can become a real flashback effect! But on top of that, it’s fine if you have it as a shot, especially with green tea. Then if you feel that you won’t be able to taste at any cost, you can ask for a replacement … so no worries.

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Most Irish whiskey is the main ingredient because there is no green tea on it which makes the shot distinctive from other cocktails. Jameson has a light gold blend in colour, a relatively light nose, vanilla and subtle honey tones and a sweet scent of malted barley with subtle oak. These iconic drinks and an enjoyable cocktail ingredient are able to capture the taste of Peach Schnapp with an ideal sip. But again you can always replace the whiskey and have a replacement in your favour. This did not hurt the spiritual value of the drink.

Last but not least is the ingredient Sprite which can add a fresh vibe to the flavour. Although lemonade or apple cider may be another replacement, personally I have tested with both combinations and found a smooth and refreshing taste. This process proves clear – Green Tea Shot avoids many types of Mario

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