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Ground Report Of Delhi



Ground Report Of Delhi: 2020 Let me tell you that after the inter in Delhi, the people of Delhi are breathing hard and the people are now coming on the streets, Dhara 144 was also given an exemption till 2:00 pm and the Delhi Police are being expressed and now Till about 2 people have been arrested who were doing non-violence in Delhi, then you must watch this video for complete information. All of them have been arrested by the Delhi Police and they are being interrogated as to who was going to riot those people, what is the secret behind them, is there a leader or is it Doing so at the behest of someone because according to the Delhi Police, more than 100 FIRs have been Registered.

Ground Report Of Delhi

  • Most people have been on f.i.r.
  • The people of Delhi were alive and now Delhiites are breathing peace.


  • There was a lot of violence in Delhi, after this, all the people were scared and we’re not leaving their houses.

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