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Hacking movies: Massive attacks occur on the Internet



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Hackers target companies as well as companies around the world.

ICANN launches alert International organization featuring Internet domain names announced on Friday that the global Internet is currently targeted by a wave of computer attacks of unprecedented magnitude. A maneuver that involves changing websites’ addresses to hacking movies.

Moviesda new link

Doubts about Iran

David Conrad, an ICAN official, referring to the “massive, unprecedented” campaign, said “they themselves are attacking the Internet’s infrastructure.” After an emergency meeting of the organization, he said, “There have already been targeted attacks but this has never happened.” Essentially, these attacks include “replacing” authorized “server addresses” with addresses of machines controlled by attackers. A technology that allows them to recover personal and sensitive data on a site server.hacking movies


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According to experts outside ICANN, hackers target governments as well as intelligence or police services, airlines or the oil industry in the Middle East or Europe. One of them also believes that these attacks took place in Iran. According to another expert, Adam Meyers of Crowdstrike, “hackers” specifically sought to steal passwords in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.hacking movies

“There is no single tool to solve this”

Based in California, ICANN manages the online domain name system that the general public knows as .com or .fr domains, but moreover .gov etc. for example. It is a system of fine domain names (“domain name system”, DNS in English) that attacks unknown hackers.

DNS attacks, nicknamed “DNSpionnage”, “are basically like someone going to the post office, lying at your address, reading your mail and then putting it in your mailbox” US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also explained the recent attacks, the first of which is reported to be back until at least 2017. ICANN is calling for a security protocol called “domain name”. System Security Extensions “(DNSSEC).hacking movies

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