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High Court angry of Delhi: 2020



High Court angry: 2020 One more big news is going to be shared with you. In Delhi, the high court has decided that the FIR will be registered on the people whose provocative speech will be shown and also The Supreme Court has also ruled that the police should take action on this as soon as possible and they will not be calm until an FIR is lodged against them and till this people do not calm down. Delhi would upset such as the Supreme Court has said that as soon as possible to all the cake would FIR above the lips and to the harshest action against him.

High Court angry of Delhi: 2020 


  • High courts are angry at the stop of Delhi violence.
  • Until the FIR is registered, the speeches will continue to increase and violence will increase in the people.
  • 15 December to 26 January has arrived but till now f.i.r. Why has not the Supreme Court always been saying this? If  F.I.R, not then how will there be further investigation?

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