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Dr.vanitari Murder Case 1 to 4 | [Latest News]



Dr.vetnari Murder Case 1 | [Latest News] Dr.Vanitari

Today we have brought such shocking news which is related to Hyderabad, this show comes on TV at 9:00 pm and after that on internet you are expected that we will tell the latest news of the day and analyze it but today The news is not fresh but stale and even more, this society in which we are living, where ever this news is told, it remains a relationship like a living wound, this is the world of Rabada. Case of Ka and murder Dr. Vanitari.



When dr. The woman was returning home at 9:15 pm when the accused gang-raped in the name of help. When they tried to ask for help, the accused put alcohol in her mouth and after a rape, almost all the accused together killed Dr When the women were taken to the Rangarev district, 27 km away, two accused brought petrol bottles from their scooters and set the woman Dr.’s body on fire. From social media to Parliament, it is being said in furry, some people are advising daughters, some people are talking about improving sons, some people are saying that those accused should be burnt alive and they should be alive Have been. All this thinking is very important for us. We will talk about this case of Hyderabad in the big news today, which is the first lesson.

Case 2 Dr vanitari

1. The police, which vows to protect everyone, is about to show sensitivity in such cases, gets caught in the quarrel of the area and pretends to be the sucker of the highest temples of law. First, the law needs to be protected when the father of the victim in the Telangana police allegedly said, the police took no action on her words and started telling her that your daughter should live with someone, who thinks It has been said that if the girl did not return home, A.G. Will and ran away. Girls are at this double level risk if you are desperate to hear it a little because now you know.

When the victim’s mother said that the younger daughter had reached the Cyber police station to write the report, the police there sent her to Shamshabad police station. Cyber police told the victim’s mother that the case does not come to our area as the scooter was spotted in Shamshabad, thus allying the victim’s parents that our time has been wasted from one station to another. Maybe the daughter is alive. What say three times, the rules say that F.I.R. Cognizable cases will be written immediately, but the police staff did not do so Dr vanitari.

Case 3 f 

2. Second items Our leader, Telangana Home Minister Mahmood Ali, who has lost his leadership, when the case happened, the minister came in front of the media and said that the victim was an educated woman, calling the police if the sister could be successfully done. Was living. Everyone was enraged over the matter and the Home Minister was later seen apologizing to the public on this statement. This statement reflects the larger gearhead of society. What is it that Garhwad always blames the victim in this case, MLA Raja Singh, BJP leader from Telangana, he tweeted a video and told one of the four accused. In that case, Hindus and Muslims also turned up Dr vanitari.

Case 4

If a third party is seen then social media and smell, sports. This is a case of Hindu-Muslim. The case was converted to Hindu Muslim. The area where this incident took place was a Muslim-dominated area, in which the leaders of Hyderabad were targeted. The tweet came as the reason why others did not say anything on the matter when it was revealed that the remaining three accused are Hindus, a different raga started, but when it was revealed that it was not Hindus, they all Christians were revised. Four of them killed a Hindu girl.Dr vanitari

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