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An interesting anecdote of India Pakistan Partition. 15 August 1947



India Pakistan Partition.

India Pakistan Partition: 2020 3 June 1947 This is the day when the independence day of 40 crore people of India was fixed and also Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s nefarious dream of making Pakistan. Done. The date was fixed on 15 August 1947. Only 73 days were given for the partition of India Pakistan. But this partition was not so easy. The partition of land, the partition of Como, the partition of the dariyo, and the addition of big notes in India. Gold bricks lying in the Reserve Bank, Batwada of unhygienic notes, let me tell you that the biggest fight in this partition was about the money that was fought.

India Pakistan Partition 


  •  At that time, the most fighting was for these sub-divisions.
  • But one thing was alcohol. No one has argued about this as much as the alcohol used to be.
  •  They were all given to India and Pakistan used to take money instead.
  • Ships killed at sea. Who will give a pension to all of them?

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