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India Pakistan: Imran Khan Attack after removing article – 370



Imran khan and narendar modi india pakistan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke a lot about Kashmir and raised a lot of questions on this attitude of India. Imran Khan was addressing the joint session of the Pakistan assembly. He accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit of the Government of India Pakistan. I will definitely take revenge on those who have committed crimes with the people of Kashmir together, and will also give an answer.


Will Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan give a befitting reply against India’s 370? No, he will not be able to answer anything because he is sitting silently like a wet cat, in which he had to speak, he only gave the jackal to speak and sat quietly. According to the news recently, after being told by a journalist

 Came to light

The Government of India recently made the decision to remove the Article 370 section, why did it have to take such a big decision.

When the decision to remove the provision of section 370 was taken, it was a matter of joy on the face of Pakistan as if Kashmiri would belong to it but a lot of law and rule violation was also mentioned along with the provision, due to which strict action was taken. It was done and the Pulwama attack against Pakistan was also put in front. 

When this decision was taken, there was a lot of reaction in Pakistan after this decision, Spell Imran Khan believed that I knew this many years ago but when this incident happened, he felt that it There is not a day’s work on this, the mission was going on for many days, which he completed on this day, he told this to his speaker that this is the very big ideology of India Pakistan which It is very difficult to get a word or say something, some do it and later blame us, it is their habit to mislead people, to cheat and to do such actions. We look at Pakistan with this vision. People like us do not want to see this. The basis of all this attitude is the RSS, who, by getting the founding fathers de rs gaol, violated the countrymen of their country and has also hurt us completely, for which the Kashmiri people of India Pakistan have to face a lot of trouble. Had to pay it and why?

‌ Here he also made it clear to Donald Trump that somehow you try to remove the provision of Section 370 and all their power rules, but after Prime Minister Imran Khan, no one has heard about this. A pride has arisen in the mind whose punishment is to teach India many conspiracy lessons behind India Pakistan. When there was no choice anywhere, you went out pressing your tail.


What did Imran Khan tell the Kashmiri people about himself and the people against Article 370 on 13 September?


He gave the first reason that I am a Pakistani, I do not know the law, I understand everything, I am not seeing your pain and pain, I can understand that what is happening on you, injustice has been done to you. Will have to be a curfew in which I am buried, I will uproot it and it is my promise.

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He even told this issue of Kashmir that the issue of Kashmir is a matter of humanity, we have to get out of this curfew, there is a war in which you people are being implicated in which your happiness is being erased and you are pushed into the abyss. Going, for 40 days, Kashmiri brothers, sisters, old elderly children, you guys are buried under curfew, and I am especially the people of Kashmiri Ri Narendra Modi, I want to give you this message that only such a crime can be done by an intelligent person, and the crime you have done, it proves that you are not a human being, a clever person, a coward who tortures people, their happiness is yours. His freedom is not seen, you are not seen, he has violated his law, and even he has said that Narendra Modi, who is a human being, is Security can never. One heart a person can never do such a crime and another team of his r.s. 

Altogether, we are torturing Kashmiri brothers, sisters and elders, Allah will surely punish you, even Imran Khan has just told that you can read all the crimes we have done, but you will never succeed, even he It was also told that Narendra Modi RSS He is associated with the team from the front in the Swara team, whose hatred towards Muslims is full of hate and he also said that Narendra Modi says that Hindustan is only for Hindus and Pakistan is only for Muslims here. Until he sent a lot of Pakistani artists back to Pakistan or speaking because you are Pakistani, who gave you this freedom here You can not go back into your country you will go to jail. By not giving satisfaction to all Kashmir brothers saying that I will give you justice, it is my promise to you after that, then left from there.

Now we will talk about why Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is scared of Article 370?


Some such questions in the mind of the Prime Minister of Pakistan which BBC News issues

1. Fear in Pakistan if Article 370 is not removed

There is fear in Pakistan because Section 370 will not be removed, but all their provisions will be removed, the provision that is mentioned is such that two flags will not be hoisted in Kashmir, India’s flag will be hoisted, so that in Pakistan completely Fear has arisen from somewhere that he does not fully understand Kashmiri.

2. What did Imran Khan say on Article 370?

This is Modi’s trick to send Kashmiri people to Pakistan, in total today will be completed for 50 days and such suffering can only be given to an intelligent person, he believes that India is only for Hindus from Pakistan, so for Muslims. Quit India Pakistan  Muslim movement is like removing 370.


3. Was Article 370 removed?

No, Article 370 has not been removed, but the provisions of Section 370 have been removed.


4. Is Pakistan still scared when Article 370 is removed?


Yes, of course, if an attack like Pulwama does not happen on us too, all the people of Pakistan will have to bear the brunt of it.


5. If section 370 is not removed, is Imran Khan ready to attack India again like Pulwama?


He asked his committee to attack Pulwama like in his meeting and also asked India to stop Article 370 completely or else we can do anything? This thing is not only to frighten India Pakistan but India is not going to be afraid of this vulture.


6. Pakistan for not removing Article 370

Standing ready to fight India?

On this, Imran Khan believes that the solution to this problem is to be taken out on its own, which will now have to bear the brunt of the whole of India Pakistan , on this matter, he asked his committee to declare war, he believes that we are the suffering of Kashmiri– If we do not see the pain, then we will keep taking it.

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