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India vs Australia ODI Coronavirus



India vs Australia odi 2020 5 new corona patients have come up in Noida, now let me tell you that in India, more than 2900 people have been affected by the coronavirus. So far 70 people have died in India and more than 180 people have died due to this virus. It is good for us to get back well. It is a matter of good news where patients of old age are increasing and all the doctors of our India medical system is trying to stop these viruses and people are down. There are still 10 days left after that to see if  Lok Lok will be down again or not.

India vs Australia ODI 

  • Now let me tell you how in our country the coronaviruses are constantly falling prey, then in this situation, we will have to be cautious, otherwise, the situation that happened in Italy will happen to us as well. It is not the work of a few Indians, we together can fight this war and you all need help in this.
  • As you may be aware, the train bogies have been converted into isolation wards and wallet proof jackets are being given to all medical system staff.
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