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Jamia Video came to the front and the students started giving amazing reasons



Jamia Video: 2020 Some videos are going viral from Jamia, you can see how people are getting stoned in this video and some people are feared injured, whatever happened on 15 February to the media library from the leftist journalists who are from the Liberal gang There is a possibility of being found while the rule on Jamia said that no video has been released from their side. Ua and has been proved to be the baton on the workers so this video is being said before entry into office as police.

Jamia Video: 2020


  • All the leaders and MLAs are tweeting on these videos and saying that Delhi Police makes a mistake in the trend.
  • After that, when the video is seen, a lot of baggage appears in the video so that people should question it, then it is important to question this video.

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