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JPG vs JPEG: Different between JPG and JPEG



diferrent between jpg vs jpeg

You must have seen a lot of formate in images, but do you know which formate of images is there, if you are looking for this, then today I am going to tell you about two such images form that will let you know who you are. Which formate do you use if you have android phones, do you know which formate image is captured in your phone and if you have a DSLR camera, do you know which formate images in your DSLR capture occurs. If you do not know about all this then today I will tell you about all these and I will also tell you what is the difference between jpg vs jpeg, you will get full details about it here “. You will pay attention to this content Must read from

What is JPEG (jpg vs jpeg)

Its full form is a joint photographic expert group which is the file type of the same group. You must have captured the photo from DSLR at any time, this captured image is in our jpeg formate if you take any pictures from DSLR camera. This is jpeg, now it comes, why is this jpeg, friends, because it is called jpeg, because more expert people capture this photo because it captures photo with very expansive camera or digital camera, many people are also expert Which is this jpeg formate image to millions of rupees If you sell in, then you can guess how expert these people are JPEG, supports 24 bits per pixel, out of that every 8 bits are for Brightness, Blue and Red, which make TrueColor format and 16 lakhs Displays more colours than If you use scanner of high-quality hp or any top brand, then it is also considered in jpeg format.

The quality of the image extracted from it or scanned image is very high, you get a lot of photos to download in the online internet. You must have seen that when you zoom in an image, a lot of photos get blurred. The photos that get blurred are in the jpg formate and the photos that do not get blurred when zooming in are in the photos jpeg formate.The image of jpeg looks clear because the quality of this image is very high due to which it also takes more space in memory which takes much more space than the jpg image which is a very big thing.

You can also convert jpg formate to jpeg by going to a shop or cafe, to which extent you will see the image clear in comparison to jpg.

Advantage of JPEG


It has very high control compression so that users can compress according to their usage.


You can make small file size from it, according to your use


The formate size of the jpeg is very compatible and easily becomes easy in any text and graphics program


high picture quality is in jpeg formate


Its use is the most full-colour image processing, in which a lot of it uses about 270 colours.

Disadvantage of JPEG

The biggest disadvantage of this is that when you also compress its image, you or it decreases its quality, which greatly reduces the quality of your image.


JPEG format size is very suitable, they remain clear in Tech Boundaries

What is JPG

JPG is a full-form Javed photographic group. When you capture any picture from your handset phone or Android phone, it is in JP format as it is in JP format because the phone is captured by Android phone or handset phone. The images taken are small because the capture capacity of the lance in your phone or handset is less than the DSLR capability, due to which the file size of the image is also much lower than in JPE.


You can see the appearance of a jpg file very easily on Google, but if you want to download the jpeg file format, pictures of this file will appear on a very small website, but there are many websites that your jpeg. You can download the image in a format, such as PixBoy, PixSales, Trustlock, you have to visit many websites.

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Difference between jpg vs jpeg format

JPEG has a full-form Joint  photographic expert group, while jpg has a full-form Joint  photographic group.

JPEG format has a higher file size while JP format has a smaller file size

Jpeg’s picture quality is high while jpg’s picture quality is low.

Compressing the JPEG file deteriorates the image quality while the image quality of the jpg remains the same.

Similarly, the two are not much different because its file format is of the same type, due to which jpeg is considered to be a high-quality image and jpg is considered slightly less than that.


                * what is UPI



I hope that the knowledge given by me is more than this, you will not get to see anything better, if you get it, according to the knowledge given by us, you will get to see that I have learned all about jpeg. Is obtained. Is obtained. Given  jpg and jpeg. if you have complete information about jpg then jpeg and jpeg are given for jpg.

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