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Lockdown for coronavirus देश में कोरोना पीड़ितों का आंकड़ा 354 तक पहुंचा, महाराष्ट्र-गुजरात, बिहार और तमिलनाडु से नए



Lockdown for Coronavirus: 2020 To defeat Corona before I tell you about it, let us first know in which states it has been seen to be Affected. And how many people have seen this virus in India, the number of compassion victims in the country has reached 354 and a total of 6 people have died so far in this case from Maharashtra Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Bihar, Punjab Mumbai Gujarat corona in all? Due to this, it has been locked down that not all people stay in their homes to go out somewhere.

Lockdown for Coronavirus

  • All trains and government offices in Mumbai have been closed from tonight.
  • Meanwhile, a big country has started preparing for the biggest war against Karo Na and all people are being asked to be vigilant as this virus spreads from people only.
  • All rail services have been stopped till March 31, due to Corona, express train mail service has been stopped.
  • The biggest decision has been taken by the Railway Board on the coronavirus and all those who have booked tickets can take their money back.
  • The old money goes that by March 30, all the trains have been canceled to the bus station all the sisters. If anyone breaks this rule, then section 144 is applied against him.

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