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Lockdown in India 2020



Lockdown in India for 21 Days 2020: According to the latest data, I want to tell you that till now a total of 25 people have died in India from the old virus and close to a thousand people are suffering from this virus and 50 in India so far People have also been corrected by this virus.

Lockdown in India for 21 days 

The virus continues to grow day by day, not taking the name of the pause, the only means of stopping this rain is to follow all the folk downs and stay in your homes as much as possible because if you are an If you keep the peace, then this disease will gradually overwhelm the whole of India and it will not be known. This virus will ruin your family, your society will completely ruin your country.

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Lockdown in India: 2020 We are fortunate that this virus has not yet spread so loudly in India if it were to file a virus-like India Italy, then probably millions of people Lah’s keeps getting laid and crowded in hospitals, so I believe that as much as possible you should follow the curfew and explain it to people too. That they don’t have to go out of the house.

  • Today is the second death in Jammu and Kashmir due to Coronavirus.
  • In Meerut, 5 people of the same family are infected.
  • In Maharashtra, 183 people have been found to be infected, which is the highest, the highest in the state has been seen in these states.
  • 25 cases have been reported in Maharashtra within 24 hours, now we can sleep how Maharashtra is being wrapped up.

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